Office Cleaner Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated on: January 4, 2023

Office cleaners perform a variety of cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, and washing duties in and around an office. They usually work a nine-hour shift or for as long as an office is open.

It is the job of an office cleaner to make sure that floors are clean, bathrooms are sanitized and trash bins are emptied regularly. A company’s image is dependent on how well an office keeps. This is why the work of an office cleaner holds much importance.

A resume for an Office Cleaner position is a professional document that needs to be created wisely. 

It does not matter what kind of cleaning job or industry you are applying for; if your resume is strong, so are your chances of obtaining employment.

In your resume, you need to mention your qualifications and your experience in a manner that persuades the prospective employer to invite you for an interview.

Take a look at the following resume sample that is written for an office cleaner’s position.

Sample Resume for Office Cleaner Position

Gary Cole
33 Scenic Avenue
Silver Springs, NV 33392
(000) 875-9654

Eager to provide excellent cleaning services professionally.

Hardworking and dedicated professional with nine years of experience working in different housekeeping capacities. Exceptional knowledge of utilizing cleaning products and chemicals safely. Physically fit and able to perform demanding duties such as bending, kneeling, lifting and pushing. Bilingual: English and Spanish.

– Dusting – Carpet vacuuming
– Trash Removal – Glass cleaning
– Sweeping – Mopping


URS – Silver Springs, NV
May 2015 – Present
• Mix cleaning liquids in safe quantities
• Clean, mop, and wash office floors
• Vacuum and shampoo carpets and drapes
• Dust and polish office furniture
• Wash bathroom counters and surfaces
• Replenish bathroom supplies such as soap and towels
• Empty trash bins and ashtrays and ensure that recyclable materials are separated
• Clean windows panes and doors and wipe down wall hangings
• Brush and mop internal staircases
• Ensure that all surfaces are mold-free
• Replace faulty bulbs
• Report maintenance issues
Key Accomplishments
• Cleaned the entire office area within three hours for an urgent meeting called, the participants on which were called in from all over the city
• Awarded Employee of the Year title following exceptional cleaning work

ABC Company, Silver Springs, NV
Apr 2011 – May 2015
• Cleaned and mopped floors in and around the office
• Ensured that carpets and curtains were clean and presentable looking
• Washed restrooms and ensured that all windows and doors were wiped clean
• Handled mold and mildew problems around the office
• Ensured that sinks, taps, and draining boards were cleaned regularly
• Mix cleaning liquids in appropriate quantities
• Ensure that cleaning equipment is maintained and stored properly
• Made sure that walkways and parking lots are clean and safe from hazardous materials
Key Accomplishments
• Received a commendation for strong work ethic and time management.
• Stood at the top during annual appraisal for office cleaners and received a bonus for projective a positive work attitude.

ABC School, Silver Springs, NV – 2005

• Good work ethics
• Willing to learn
• Able to take ownership

Office Cleaner Duties and Responsibilities

The following is a list of common duties and tasks of an office cleaner. You can use some of the job description statements in the experience section of your resume.

  • Clean, dust, and mop office floors by using a variety of equipment and supplies.
  • Mix the cleaning liquids in correct and safe quantities.
  • Vacuum and shampoo carpets and make sure that they are dried out before the day begins.
  • Wipe down desks and chairs and make sure that stubborn smears are removed using appropriate cleaning materials.
  • Empty trash cans and ashtrays and make sure that all trash is properly disposed of.
  • Clean and wash down windows and ensure that they are adequately dried.
  • Properly clean and maintain the office kitchen and equipment.
  • Wash down restrooms and ensure they are correctly sanitized.
  • Replenish towels, soap, and toilet paper in bathrooms regularly.
  • Wipe down walls, doors, and wall hangings using appropriate types of cleaners and cloth.
  • Replace light bulbs and identify maintenance issues.
  • Apply sealant to floors.
  • Properly clean all the areas around the office, such as walkways and parking lots.
  • Shovel snow off sidewalks and sprinkle sand to make them safe for walking.
  • Move around heavy equipment and furniture for storage or rearranging.
  • Lock the office properly at the end of the day.
Position Requirements

To work as an office cleaner, you may not need specific education, but you do need to have some information about standard cleaning procedures.

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