Employee Relations Specialist Cover Letter Example

Updated on July 12, 2019

Position Overview

An employee relations specialist carries out a variety of functions to add to employee well-being and self-esteem.

Besides managing and resolving employee relations issues, they also slot in their employer’s development plans to promote a right balance.



The average salary of an employee relations specialist is $60,000 – 75, 000.

While we do recommend that you write your Employee Relations Specialist Resume in a way that nothing gets left out, we understand situations where an adjustment may not be possible.

If you feel that you are missing some important thing in your resume, you can use a cover letter for Employee Relations Specialist Resume to compensate.

A resume is your main application document but a cover letter is equally important as it complements a resume.


Employee Relations Specialist Cover Letter Sample


Darla Barlow
33 A Chapel Road
Ocean Springs, MS 54751

July 12, 2019

Ms. Dorothy Hill
Senior Manager (HR)
Nestle Foods
812 Telly Road
Ocean Springs, MS 14421


Dear Ms. Hill:

Having seen your advertisement in The Class Ads for the position of Employee Relations Specialist, I would like to apply for the same as I am confident that my qualifications, education, and capabilities are enough to give you the best results. Working with people is a challenging thing to do as where there are people, there are conflicts.

I love working with people and managing conflicts which is why I have held the position of an Employee Relations Specialist for six long years at Dane Foods. I have been responsible for providing multi-faceted support at my previous place of work which included guiding management regarding employee issues, conducting evaluations on policy violations, devising and implementing recognition plans, researching claims and performing investigations.

My ability and experience in employing procedures to analyze employee relations and good knowledge of conducting audits for verification purposes is one of my well-honed assets. My attached resume will provide you with more information on my expertise in this field.

I am confident that the pool of my natural people’s skills along with my ability to analyze and resolve issues will be an asset to your company. I’d like to meet you to discuss this Employee Relations Specialist position in detail. I am available to join after two week’s notice to my previous place of work. I am available at 666-222-2222 if you would like to speak to me regarding my credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Darla Barlow

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