No Income Letter Sample

Updated on April 19, 2017

There are many instances where you may be required to provide proof that you are not earning anything at the moment, and/or do not expect to earn for some time in the future. Why would you need one? Well, again, you might require it for a number of reasons including applying for benefits or disability claims, depending on what your specific situation is.

Writing a no income letter is nothing difficult. If it is a medical reason that is stopping you from working, a no income letter will help you in obtaining social services for free. And if you have just begun school (or want to obtain a degree through higher studies), that too can become a reason for you not earning anything. Depending on what your reasons are, you can write a no income letter accordingly, but make sure that you follow all the instructions provided to you by the authority that is going to submit your application.

In many instances, authorities provide you with a form that you have to fill out, which serves as proof of no income. In such an event, you may be asked to attach documents that will further provide proof that you are unable to work, such as a doctor’s note. A sample no income letter is provided below for your reference:


No Income Letter Sample


Gregory Stevens
918 Green Road
Moretown, VT 18873
Tel: (000) 333-2087

April 18, 2017

Mr. Kyle Logan
Human Services Manager
City of Moretown
63 Common Road
Moretown, VT 51032


Dear Mr. Logan:

This is with reference to case # 1288-GVT-223C7 submitted to your office on March 20, 2017. Please allow me to reiterate the details of this case, to keep you abreast of the situation. I had applied for disability following diagnosis of a debilitating medical condition (Systemic Lupus – RA Factor) which has rendered me physically and emotionally limited. With the condition that I am in, I am unable to work for more than a couple of hours a day, which is why my rheumatologist suggested bed rest for me for an indefinite period of time.

Please note that I have not been able to work full time since June 2013 and have only held down 3 part time jobs since January 2016. While I am on medication at the moment, I do not see myself working either full time or part time in the near future, unless a medical breakthrough can curb my symptoms. In view of this situation, I am writing this no income letter to you – I have attached copies of my doctor’s advice, my diagnostic slips and bank statements of the previous 3 years as proof of low and at times no income. Also attached are copies of Medicaid and food stamp eligibility notices which show my household income as zero.

Please let me know if you require any further information from me to push my case forward. I appreciate the time and effort that you have put into considering this letter.




Gregory Stevens