Fundraiser Interview Questions and Answers

Finding the right set of tips to ace an interview might be a bit difficult. All interviews are not the same so it’s not too easy to lay out a foolproof plan. However, a little bit of preparation and heads up can make things easier for you on your big day. The more you know about your employer, the better your chances of success at providing the right answers to interview questions.

Creating a “to do” list will help. Chart out all that you know about the company and the job for which you are applying and put it all in bullets. Go through each one of them to see where you stand. For actual interview questions, refer to the set below:


Fundraiser Interview Questions and Answers

What part of fundraising do you enjoy the most?
Fundraising work is fascinating. While I enjoy the entire work immensely, I believe it is the “strive” to meet my goals that makes it most enjoyable.

How do you find the challenge associated with raising funds for a particular cause or project?
The challenge of raising funds for anything is a given. I do not think of it as a problem or a hindrance. For me, this challenge means additional motivation to ensure success.

What duties have you performed in the role of a fundraiser in the past?
Strategizing different ways of raising funds through activities and programs, meeting with potential donors and sponsors, writing grant proposals, performing collections through various activities, presenting the organization’s ideologies to prospective funders, and creating materials for awareness purposes have all been part of my work as a fundraiser in the past.

Before you ventured into this work, what was your bread and butter earning method?
I have always been working in this capacity, ever since the time I volunteered my services to an NGO 7 years ago.

What is your best success story till now?
I was given the responsibility of leading a set of fundraising activities to help a child who had muscle dystrophy. The idea was to collect a certain amount of money for her surgery. I managed to collect 50% more than the required amount (not on purpose, but the donations just kept coming in), which made it possible for her family to arrange for post-operative rehabilitation therapy as well. This I believe was my best job ever!

What is the future of what you are doing as a fundraiser?
If you even generally, fundraising for a cause has great future as so many people are helped in the process. As for me particularly, I hope to run my very own charity organization when I feel that I am capable of running such a concern.

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