Self Declaration Letter Sample

Updated October 27, 2021

A self-declaration letter is usually written to provide proof of employment or income in circumstances such as someone who is self-employed or a previous employer or company no longer exists.

This type of document contains information on an individual’s job description in a particular company along with details of salary and tenure that the individual has worked through.

Self-declaration letters are legally binding.

That said, if a new employer finds out that any information in the letter is false or misleading, he has the authority to use it against the person who has submitted it.

Self-declaration letters are also written to obtain visas or child custody as they provide information about an individual’s self-employment (and/or income) status.

For people applying for positions in a company after a pause, a self-declaration letter may prove useful since it will provide a potential employer with information on what you were doing while you were out of a job.

A self-declaration may or may not be written with a “to whom you may concern” header depending on where you intend to send it.

Most letters of this sort open with a “declaration” header and may not be addressed to any one individual.

However, it is essential to provide your name, address, and contact information in a self-declaration letter.

Self Declaration Letter Sample

October 27, 2021

This letter is to confirm that I, Heather Graham, had been employed as a Secretary with Connecticut Mansions from September 2011 to October 2021 and worked a total of 40 hours a week.

Since Connecticut Mansions is no longer in business (having closed down due to bankruptcy in October 2021) and will not be accessible for comment, I hereby declare my association with the company through this self-declaration letter.

During the time that I worked as a Secretary for Connecticut Mansions, I was responsible for handling correspondence, the telephone exchange, and other operational duties of the real estate office. One of my major work duties was to provide administrative support to executives of the company. Specific duties included:

  • Handled schedules and appointments
  • Managed telephone calls and visitors
  • Arranged meetings and seminars
  • Oversaw traveling and accommodation tasks

I declare that all the information that I have provided here is correct and that I am fully capable of handling all the tasks that I mentioned here.

If you feel the need to verify this information, you may contact Mr. George Mason who was my supervisor at Connecticut Mansions at (000) 854-9565 and he will vouch for me on a personal level.


Heather Graham
447 Creek Avenue
New York, NY – 90215
(555) 555-5555

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