Graduate Assistantship Cover Letter Sample

A graduate assistantship will be a good choice if you have just completed a graduate program. A graduate assistant helps professors and teachers in a university or college environment with a number of duties including research work, curriculum development and even classroom instructions.

There is not much qualification needed to be a graduate assistant except – well – you have to be a graduate! Graduate assistants are more than likely hired in the university or college that they have graduated from but you can apply to another university for this position as well.

The following cover letter sample will provide you a baseline for writing your job application for this entry level position.


Graduate Assistantship Cover Letter Sample


Amanda Goodsman

399 Waddy Road, Waddy, KY 22222
(900) 999-999, amanda @ email . com

January 2, 2014

Ms. Flora Adams
Manager (Student Affairs)
Kentucky State University
410 College Street
Waddy, KY 99411


Dear Ms. Adams:

I am writing to apply for Graduate Assistantship position currently vacant in the Business Administration Department of Kentucky State University. Currently, I am student of Kentucky State University pursuing my graduate degree in business education. Being at the top of the class during my graduate studies and achiever of the Business Excellence Award, I am of the opinion that I will be an asset to any instructor that I work with.

Specifically, I possess an excellent performance record in curriculum development. During the tenure of my studies, I actively assisted teachers in both class instructions and developing papers for exams on a voluntary basis. This expertise will also go a long way in preparing exam papers and marking them for undergrad students. Since I am an acclaimed student due to demonstration of class ethics and educational excellence, I do not have any qualms about instructing classes and managing behavior problems as well.

This opportunity will set a base for future instruction work that I intend to take up once I am qualified for the position of a teacher. I believe that we should talk about this position in more detail which is why I would like to meet you personally because this letter is no match with an in-person meeting!

I appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing this application and look forward to meeting you soon.



Amanda Goodsman

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