Job Transfer Request Letter Due to Marriage

Updated: June 12, 2023

Companies in general also do not want to lose their valuable employees, and if asked politely, they usually make room for their hardworking employees in a region that suits them more.

If you are interested in a transfer, all you need to do is write a convincing transfer request letter, stating your reason for the request.

Below is a sample job transfer request letter, designed for the position of CSR who is looking to relocate from Dayton to the Middletown Area due to marriage.

This sample can be used as a guideline for any person in any position intending to relocate due to marriage.

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Sample Job Transfer Request Letter Due to Marriage

Martha Gardner
87 Miller’s Lane
Dayton, OH 84332
(000) 287-2541
martha @ email . com

June 12, 2023

Mr. Gary Clark
HR Manager
Call Solutions Head Office
856 Yale Towers
Baltimore, OH 78443

Dear Mr. Clark:

I have been working at Call Solutions’ Dayton branch as a Customer Sales Representative for the last two years. I am writing this letter to inquire about the possibility of a job transfer from the Dayton Office to somewhere in the Middle Town Area Office.

I tremendously enjoyed every moment of work spent at work during the last two years. In light of my recent promotion subject to exceeding sales targets, I believe my expertise has been an asset to the firm. Vice versa, Call Solutions has also unleashed my call sales and customer care potential fully and has helped me grow professionally.

My marriage date is scheduled for July 15, 2023, and my husband is settled and working with a firm in the Middletown Area. Since his firm has no opening in Dayton, he cannot relocate here, and therefore I am interested in relocating to Middletown Area’s office. I am willing to take up any vacant position you have at the moment in the Middletown region. I also offer to train my replacement here at Dayton thoroughly before my transfer.

I am incredibly interested in pursuing my career with your company in the Middletown region. I hope you will consider my request and process it promptly. I will contact you at the end of next week in order to follow up on my request. If you have any questions for me, please call me at (000) 287-2541.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Martha Gardner
(000) 287-2541

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