Job Description

While the primary duty of a bagger is to assist customers in putting their groceries in bags carry to their cars, they perform other duties too.

Baggers usually work in supermarkets where they are required to provide a number of services for customers who come in to shop every day. They usually need to perform these duties by standing up all time which is why physical agility is a very important prerequisite for this position.

In some instances, baggers work as cashiers as well; a role in which they need to take and process payments in exchange of items sold. In a cashier’s role, they process credit cards and checks as well as bag purchased items. Working as a bagger, one has to be knowledgeable about the different items that can or cannot be bagged together. For instance, a bagger should not bag soap and sugar together as the sugar will eventually start smelling like soap which in turn can make a customer unhappy. A bagger also needs to make sure that items are bagged in a manner that is conducive to maximizing space without overloading the bag.

Large supermarkets usually hire baggers for just one role – bagging. However, smaller concerns may want a bagger to perform different duties as the amount of customers will not justify just bagging. Hence, baggers are trained to be cashiers and even sales representatives so that they can stand in for one in the event of an absence.

People who want to work as baggers will need to ensure that they create potent resumes which have effective objectives. Have a look at the following examples:


Sample Objectives for Grocery Bagger Resume


1. Seeking a position as a Bagger with Tesco using exceptional knowledge of bagging grocery items in an appropriate manner and providing the best customer services in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

2. Looking for a position as a Bagger with Macy’s where a strong understanding of large supermarket operations can be used to provide excellent behind-the-cashier services.

3. Desire a Bagger position with Sprouts Farmers Market. Offers ability to deliver high level of prompt and friendly customer services by bagging customers’ groceries according to instructions provided by the company.

4. To obtain employment as a Bagger with Meijer providing “Extra Step” customer service to every customer and using proper bagging techniques to ensure customer loyalty and satisfaction.

5. To work for Fresh Market as a Bagger using ability to provide continuous attention to customers’ bagging needs.

6. Looking for a Bagger position with Cold Cuts. Bringing a solid background in handling bagging tasks in a busy supermarket environment with an aim to satisfy customers.

7. To obtain work as a Bagger at Casey Hypermarket using keen understanding of varied bagging techniques and providing the best in customer services.