Resignation Letter for Family Reasons: 2 Samples

Updated: January 24, 2023

At some point in your career, you have to resign from your job due to personal problems or family reasons.

A breakup, illness of a loved one, or a family relocation may cause you to quit.

In this scenario, it is highly advisable to provide your employer with a letter of resignation defining the cause of your departure.

Resignation letters are important. They are like a record of your reason for leaving, and can open the doors of re-employment at a later stage.

If you are leaving for personal/family reasons, it must be communicated so that the employer is assured that your resignation has nothing to do with job dissatisfaction.

A proper, well-informed, and timely resignation (with an adequate two weeks notice period if possible) comes in handy when you decide to re-enter the job market.

It also speaks of your professionalism.

Resignation Letter Examples for Family Reasons

Resignation Letter for Family Reasons Format

Despite the tragic situation you are facing, maintain an optimistic tone throughout the letter. Format it wisely like any other professional letter.

The opening paragraph should highlight your intention to resign along with the notice period.

In the second/third paragraph(s), which typically forms the main body of your letter, state the reason for your resignation. Add some words of appreciation for the firm that employed you and where you got many learning experiences. You might consider adding a few lines appraising the managers, your colleagues, and the work environment in general.

The last paragraph serves two purposes. Firstly, it is meant to communicate if you have any intention of rejoining the firm at a later point in time if the odds turn out well. The second purpose is to request a letter of recommendation or reference that might come in handy for future job hunts.

End the letter politely, with a generous offer to stick around and complete any unfinished business, while the replacement is being trained. If you can, offer a two-week notice period as well.

Below are two resignation letters examples due to family reasons.

Family Reasons Resignation Letter Sample 1

Cecil Benedict
685 Beckett Sq
Elyria, OH 87445
(012) 000-9999
cecil @ email . com

October 23, 2021

Ms. Jenifer Royce
Robust Associates
909 Tisbury Road
Dayton, OH 87665

Dear Ms. Royce:

I regretfully inform you of my intent to resign from my position as Sales Associate for Robust Associates, effective two weeks from now. February 7 will be my last working day here.

My resignation is solely based on personal reasons, and it does not, in any way, imply that I am dissatisfied with my work. In fact, a family obligation forces me to relocate. Therefore, it won’t be possible for me to continue to work.

I appreciate the opportunities I enjoyed as a part of the winning team at Robust Associates for the past two years. My experience here has helped me grow professionally while rendering me the correct exposure to the industry needed to excel in the field of sales. I immensely enjoyed my tenure and also had the chance of meeting some amazing people who were my colleagues.

I will be more than happy to assist in the training of my replacement and complete any pending tasks until my last day of work. For any correspondence necessary after my resignation, you may use my new address as mentioned above. I also request a letter of recommendation based on my services at Robust Associates.


(SIgn Here)
Cecil Benedict
Sales Associate
Employee Number: 621S

Family Reasons Resignation Letter Sample 2

Hannah Martin
8754 Irving Ave
Lakeville, MN 87554
(005) 333-5555
hannah @ email . com

January 24, 2023

Mr. Michael Smith
Hitch Enterprises
89 Cobble Towers
Lakeville, MN 87554

Dear Mr. Smith:

I am writing this letter to resign from my position as a front desk receptionist on a 2-week notice effective February 7, 2023.

As you know my son is seriously ill and I need to take him frequently for visits to the medical specialist. Therefore, it becomes very difficult for me to create a balance between his needs and my job demands. The frustration stemming due to this reason has also taken its toll on my work quality now. In the presence of these circumstances, after serious thought and consideration, I have come up with this decision.

During my 6 years of work at Hitch Enterprises, I have learned a lot regarding front desk handling. In addition, my public dealing skills have also been polished under your kind guidance and supervision. I am very grateful for the mentoring you have provided me throughout my tenure.

I will highly appreciate your kind consideration regarding my re-employment once my problems will be resolved. Thank you very much.


(Sign here)
Hannah Martin
Front Desk Receptionist
Hitch Enterprises
Ext: 214

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