Employment letters are handed out to employees for different reasons. While not all companies perform this practice, some provide their employees with employment certificates which may double as reference letters. Employment certificates usually hold information on employees’ designation and date of joining.

Employment certificates may also be obtained for other reasons such as bank account opening procedures and credit card requests. The following is an employment certificate request letter that an employee may write to an HR manager for acquiring the same.


Employment Certificate Request Letter Sample


664 Rock Springs Road
Jacksons Gap, AL 88993
Cell: (000) 999-0201

July 26, 2016

Mr. Alan Harper
Manager Human Resources
Creative Solutions
455 Nicholsville Road
Jacksons Gap, AL 64744


Dear Mr. Harper:

My three months of probation has ended on July 1, 2016 and I am now a permanent employee of Creative Solutions which makes me nothing less than being extremely happy. I have been given the designation of an Administrative Assistant.

I was recently asked by your department to open a bank account for hassle free transfer of my salary. Upon inquiring from the bank about the procedures of account opening, I was informed that I need to provide them with a copy of my employment certificate which I was supposed to get at the end of my probation period. The bank needs to have some proof of my employment at Creative Solutions and also needs to verify that I will be working here on permanent basis.

I would appreciate it if you process my employment certificate as soon as possible so that I may work towards opening an account in a time efficient manner. I would appreciate a prompt action in this regard.

Thank you for your time.



Clara Bell
Administrative Assistant