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Updated October 21, 2022

Have you ever thought of how a short letter of praise can help build an employee’s morale?

We have been through many instances where someone did something for us which went unrewarded.

By reward, we do not mean an actual, physical plaque but a few words of thanks.

A commendation goes a long way in helping an individual feel good about the work that he has done and motivating him to perform as well, or better next time.

How to write a Great Commendation Letter?

Honestly speaking, there is no rocket science to writing a commendation.

If you have been impressed by someone’s work, just send him a short letter acknowledging his or her work and praising him or her for what they have done for you.

It could be something as simple as a paint job done well or a sales target met.

Commendation letters can be written in two ways. You can write directly to the person responsible for your pleasure or write one to a team to introduce the person and praise him. It is really up to you how you do it.

For instance, if you are particularly happy about a salesperson who has exceeded his sales target, you might want to write a letter and be especially nice to him.

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Sample Commendation Letter for a Job Well Done

October 21, 2022

Ms. Laura Collins
Sales Manager
[Company Name]
5 Chinook Lane
Steamboat Springs, CO 58965

Dear Ms. Collins:

I appreciate the amazing work that you have been doing for [Company Name] over the years. Since this year you have surpassed all our expectations, I would like to officially commend you on your hard work and enthusiasm. Your dedication has helped the company meet its sales targets for an entire year – within three months – and that is quite a feat in itself.

Not only have you worked diligently to meet your targets but have helped your coworkers in meeting theirs too. This selfless act will not go to waste. As gratitude for your dedication to the company, I would like to offer you a bonus and an opportunity for sales training in Denver at our corporate office, details of which will be provided to you soon.

I would like to thank you once again for your willing disposition and cooperative attitude to work. I anticipate a long working relationship in the future.


(Sign here)
Thomas Murphy
Sales Director
[Company Name]
(000) 222-2222

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