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Updated on: May 14, 2020
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When you sit down to write a promotion announcement email for an employee, you must keep a few things in mind.

That is to say; promotion is something every employee strives hard for and looks forward to so it has to be something special.

Keeping within the parameters of professionalism, a promotion announcement needs to inform a set of employees, a team, or an organization on the whole, who is being promoted and from which position to which.

Once this is out of the way, you can write about the employee in question’s hard work that led to his or her promotion.

You should also write the employee’s new responsibilities as this will provide other employees with information on “who does what in an organization.”

The purpose of a promotion announcement is not only to inform an employee that he is being promoted.

It also let everyone informed who has any link with a particular employee to foresee how they can work with him or her in the future.

Below is an example of a promotion announcement email for the benefit of understanding this.

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Promotion Announcement Email Example

To: Resource Inc Staff, Resource Inc. Clients

Subject: Promotion Announcement – Flo Carr

Dear Staff and Clients:

I am pleased to announce the promotion of Flo Carr as a new Marketing Head of Resource Inc. Flo worked for our company for nine years and had climbed the professional ladder with complete adeptness, which is rare nowadays.

As a marketing manager of Resource Inc., she has brought a considerable percentage of the company’s business. Her influence on sales and business retention has been substantial, and she possesses an excellent record of customer relations and timely service delivery.

During Flo’s time in the marketing department, she has taken on additional responsibility and has worked extra hours to meet deadlines. We anticipate that as head of the marketing department, Flo’s input and work aggression will be multifold.

Her work duties now include creating and implementing marketing plans for the Amadeus Project that has been entrusted to the company. She will be leading the marketing team through this five-year project and will also be working on various other concurrent projects.

Let us all congratulate Flo on her outstanding performance in previous years, which led to her promotion today. I wish her luck in all the future endeavors she undertakes.


Brad Cooper
Marketing and Communications Director 
Resource Inc.

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