Sample Sick Leave Letter to Manager


Before writing a sick leave letter to the manager, make sure if there is a specific format or performa that you might be required to fill and submit.

Some employees prefer to request a sick leave verbally, but it is advisable to send a written letter. It will serve as a proof in your HR file in future.

A sick leave letter begins by stating its purpose and explains the reason.

You should enclose the proof of your illness with your letter and clearly mention the period of your leave.



Sample Sick Leave Letter to Manager


Laura Kristen
478 Pine Street
Houston, TX 50121
(000) 989-7672

March 18, 2018

Mr. Fredrick Crimson
ANP Enterprises
77 Charm Lane
Houston, TX 56992

Subject: Sick Leave Requisition

Dear Mr. Crimson:

I am writing this letter to inform you of a medical issue which renders me unable to attend office. I am suffering from a severe migraine attack, and my doctor has advised me 2 days complete bed rest to soothe my nerves which are causing constriction pain in my head and continuous nausea.

I am apologetic to apply for leave during this busy season. On the other hand, I had completed the report I was working on and will email the same to you shortly for your review. After leave, I will put in extra efforts to patch up the pending work.

I will be very thankful if you grant me a two-day leave of 19 and 20 March. Thank you in advance for your consideration.




Laura Kristen
Employee #: 4455

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