Sample Sick Leave Letter to Manager

Updated on January 8, 2019


Before writing a sick leave letter to the manager, consult the HR Department for a specific format that you might be required to fill and submit.

Some employees prefer to request a sick leave verbally, but it is advisable to send a written letter. Indeed, it will serve as a proof in your HR file in future.


Sick Leave Letter Guidelines

• A sick leave letter should state its purpose and explain the reason for leave.

• You must enclose the proof of your illness, such as a doctor’s advice, with your letter.

• Clearly mention the period as well as dates of your leave.

The sample letter below, as well as this sick day email, will give you a better idea in this regard.


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Sample Sick Leave Letter to Manager


Laura Kristen
478 Pine Street
Houston, TX 50121
(000) 989-7672

January 8, 2019

Mr. Fredrick Crimson
Senior Manager
ANP Enterprises
77 Charm Lane
Houston, TX 56992

Subject: Sick Leave Requisition

Dear Mr. Crimson:

I am writing this letter to inform you of a medical issue which renders me unable to attend the office.

As I am suffering from a severe migraine attack, so my doctor has advised me 2 days complete bed rest to soothe my nerves. In fact, this is causing constriction pain in my head and continuous nausea.

I am apologetic to apply for leave during this busy season. On the other hand, I already have completed the report I was working on. I will email the same to you shortly for your review. After leave, I will put in extra efforts to patch up the pending work.

I will be very grateful if you grant me a two-day leave, that is to say, 18 and19 October.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.




Laura Kristen
Administrative Assistant
Employee #: 4455

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