Leave Application for Wife Medical Check-Up

Updated January 3, 2023

There are so many reasons that warrant leave from work.

In circumstances where you have to take your wife for a medical checkup, you must write a leave application letter, detailing why you need to take a day off.

Most employers will be understanding of your situation. If you feel that yours might not be, provide as many details as you can about the situation.

Since you have to accompany your wife to the doctor’s visit, therefore, highlight the issue, and then build upon it somewhat.

Make sure that your supervisor understands that the situation requires you to take a day off, without which your wife will not be able to make it to her appointment.

Still not sure how to go about this? Don’t worry.

Leave Application for Wife Medical Check Up Image

Have a look at the following leave application sample:

Leave Application for Wife Medical Check Up

January 3, 2023

Mr. August Pullman
Human Resources Manager
Concrete Solutions Inc.
332 Kent Road SE
Enid, OK 28993

Subject: Leave Application

Dear Mr. Pullman:

I am writing this letter to ask for permission to take a day off Thursday, October 21, 2021. I understand that the workload at this point is immense, and any team member taking a day off may result in compromised deadlines. However, I do not have a choice at this time.

My wife has been suffering from symptoms of an unknown disease for quite some time now. After visiting many doctors, it has been established that she has a connective tissue disorder, which needs to be investigated further. However, we had not been able to get an appointment for weeks. Today, I received a call from her doctor’s office informing me that her appointment is on Monday.

Since my wife is not well enough to travel on her own, I will need to take her to the doctor. Owing to the fact that her doctor practices in the suburbs, it will take an entire day to go there, and come back. And this is why taking a day off is necessary.

If required, I can come in during the weekend, or work extra hours from Tuesday, in order to meet the deadline. I would appreciate it if you would look into my case with an objective mind, and grant me a day off on Monday.

Thank you for understanding my situation.


Jacob Miner

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