Sample Half Day Leave Application from Office

Updated on November 20, 2017

Informing your boss that you need time off from work can be quite jarring especially if you are working in a strict environment.

Informing him that you want a take half a day off from work is actually more difficult as it leaves things in the middle.

However, if you need to take half a day off, there are no two ways about it.

Writing an application to take half a day off is somewhat difficult in the sense that you need to explain a lot for just a few hours off from work. Some offices have preset sample applications that you can fill out by just ticking the appropriate box and filling in some blanks.

If you need to write one from scratch, you will need to provide some detail of what it is that has made you ask for a few hours off from work. Here is a sample you can use to write a half day leave application:


Half Day Leave Application from Office (Sample)


November 20, 2017

Ms. Wilma Ford
HR Manager
GTV Inc.
6245 Ace Boulevard
Woodland Hills, CA 82222


Dear Ms. Ford:

I am writing to ask permission to take the second half (1 PM – 5 PM) off from my work today. I will report to work at 9 AM sharp tomorrow.

I recently registered myself for a conservation conference being held by Green Peace at Yates University and yesterday, I received an invitation from them. You are aware of my passion for conservation in the country and have witnessed my enthusiasm during the many conservation projects that I have indulged in during the previous three years. This conference in very important to me as it will give me a chance to delve into all that Green Peace is doing in California and possibly become a green revolution activist eventually.

Being aware of my responsibilities at work, I have already made arrangements for my work to be handled by Ms. Henrietta Tudor. Since I will be away for only 4 hours, I believe that my work will be easily manageable. However, if I am unable to finish up tomorrow, I will put in a few hours on the coming Saturday to compensate for it.

Please let me know if you agree to this so that I can send in my RSVP to Green Peace and also prepare Ms. Tudor to handle my clients. I will appreciate a prompt reply. Thank you very much for your consideration.



Cara Devunger
Sales Supervisor
GTV Inc.
Ext: 1254