Job Opening Inquiry Email Sample

Updated on: February 18, 2021

A job opening inquiry email is a prospecting introduction letter, seeking a position that has not yet been advertised.

This kind of email must communicate your relevant expertise in order to convince the potential employer why you are the best candidate for the job and why should they hire you. Try to express your full potential and support your statements with any achievements you have had in the field.

Job Opening Inquiry Email Guidelines

The email body should be divided into three conventional paragraphs and the letter’s length is typically slightly shorter than a regular cover letter.

In an email cover letter, there is no need to mention the date unless you are sending it as an attachment.

The contact details of the addressee are also omitted. The content must be formatted in a way similar to any regular cover letter.

However, the sender’s contact details can be written at the bottom instead of the top of the letter.

Adding an email address to the sender’s detail is again needless since the email is being sent from the same ID.

The candidate’s resume must be attached to the email in PDF format. Make sure the attached file name contains your name and the position being sought so the employer can easily identify it when downloaded.

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Job Opening Inquiry Email Sample

Email Subject Line: Inquiry Concerning Admin Assistant Position

Email Body:

Ms. Hannah Gilbert
Ricky Associates
224 North Street
Gustin, TX 54101

Dear Ms. Gilbert:

I recently obtained an Associate degree in office Administration from the University of Chicago and am currently seeking a job in the same field. I learned from your website that your company offers trainee programs each year for fresh graduates in office administration. I am writing this letter to inquire about any current or upcoming openings for the same.

As apparent from the attached resume, I possess summer internship experience in office administration with two firms and have also received some training as a management associate. My acquired skills in file documentation, calendar keeping, and office management could come in very handy at your office.

In addition to having received proper training in office administration, I am also familiar with various common online employee database interfaces. Adept at using MS office suite and the internet, I will be able to provide effective executive support to Ricky’s Associates.

I will call your secretary after some days to follow-up on this inquiry. Meanwhile, if you need any information regarding my credentials or have any other queries, I’ll be available at (000) 222-5555.

Expecting a considerate response from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Geoffrey Smith
896 Jolly Ave
Chicago, IL 89445
Cellular: (003) 222-5555
Home: (005) 777-5666

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