Good Skills to Put on a Construction Resume

Updated on: February 18, 2021

Nine out of ten construction resumes get rejected because the candidate was unable to reflect all the skills in the resume.

Resume writing is an intricate task, and it is very difficult to embed one’s whole professional profile onto a single-paged document. It is, therefore, very important to craft the resume thoughtfully.

In today’s job market, one needs a specially customized resume for every job applied for.

While tailoring your resume for a construction position, it is important to go through the potential employer’s job demands first.

The relevant construction skills must then be highlighted on your resume.

A construction job might require varied skills, depending on the nature of the job and the culture prevalent in the hiring firm.

The following are some skills that could come in handy while building a resume or job descriptions for a construction position.

Good Skills to Put on a Construction Resume

Trade Skills

• Skilled in carrying out and supervising excavations
• Adept at bricklaying and establishing foundations
• Well-versed in roofing and repairing
• Experienced in conducting renovations and refurbishing projects
• Special talent for site surveying and project preparation
• Expert in landscaping, fixing kitchen cabinets, windows, and doors
• Skilled in various construction methods and model implementation
• Familiar with heavy machinery and vehicles used at huge construction sites
• Demonstrated ability to operate various functions of construction machinery
• Capable of maintaining construction equipment
• Skilled in interior and exterior painting
• Well-versed in basic plumbing, fixtures, and drain piping

Analytical Skills

• Demonstrated ability to make timely, crucial decisions
• Well practiced in budget adjustment and cost estimation
• Great attention to detail
• Efficient in quality inspection and pressure testing of projects in the process of completion
• Well practiced in implementing projects with strict timelines and limited budget

Communication skills

• Serving as a liaison to builders and architects
• Proven ability to produce hand and computer-based drawings for floor and building plans
• Practiced in third-party vendors coordination
• Familiar with schematics and blueprint reading
• Subcontractor management
• Demonstrated ability of timely project reporting
• Construction documenting and record maintenance skills
• Multilingual ability: English/Spanish/Portuguese

Technical Skills

• Ample knowledge of state-approved safe building guidelines by OSHA
• Ability to handle construction equipment effectively and safely
• Skilled in architectural map reading
• Knowledge of heating/ventilation and water channel protocols relevant to building and construction

Computer Skills

• AutoCAD
• Prolog
• MS Office Suite
• Timberline
• Microsoft Project skills

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