Sales Accomplishments and Achievements for Resume

Updated on June 21, 2015

Numbers! Numbers are the key to success in sales arena. Employers love to see numbers and percentage signs on sales resumes. Mentioning your accomplishments is imperative if gaining your dream job is important to you. When you mention your quantitative accomplishments, you move a step closer to the interview and possible chances of being hired.

Instead of writing ‘increased customer base extensively’, write ‘increased customer base by 60%’. The latter looks complete. You are stating a fact and backing it up by concrete evidence. 60% is what the employer is going to focus on more than anything else. Completely infallible!

Where accomplishments or achievements for sales resume are concerned, there is no doubt that numbers do a lot of talking. Recruiters hone in on digits, so a mere glimpse at your resume (which is all the time a recruiter may have) will give him something to think about if he sees a number – or get him to stop and read more carefully this time around. A counter to this argument is the fact that not all achievements can be quantified. That is true. It is impossible to monetize every accomplishment in your life. The rule to this is that you monetize as many as possible and write the rest in a manner that is almost as appealing to the reader as a monetized one.

Some careers give you more opportunity to write your accomplishments in an appealing manner – like if you are working in the sales arena. Here are some sales accomplishments / achievements that you might find interesting:

Sample Achievements for Sales Resume

• Increased sales by $50,000 through aggressive selling techniques during slow summer months

• Rehashed 1500 dormant accounts which brought about 22% increase on overall sales

• Reined in marathon sales campaign in 22 states across the country

• Retained a corporate customer providing the company an annual income of $200K, after a botch up by a sales representative

• Developed and implemented an aggressive sales campaign by gathering market trends which resulted in 10% increase in market quota

• Trained 28 sales representatives in 1 year, to be deployed to the company’s off-state offices

• Created a database of 10,000 prospective customers following extensive and rigorous leads generating activities

• Developed a set of standardized sales proposals to be used in a variety of sales pitches, making it easy for sales representatives to handle prospecting work

• Led 52 trade shows and sales conventions within 5 years

• Increased the sales of 3 products by 20%, 55% and 42% respectively, by employing the four Ps of marketing

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