Top 10 Sales Manager Achievements for Resume

Updated: July 8, 2023
Sales Manager Achievements 1

There is a huge difference between writing a list of duties that you performed each day and creating powerful achievement statements that effectively demonstrate the results of your actions.

Prospective employers already know what type of responsibilities you had in a previous sales manager role. But they are interested in how well you did it.

Accomplishments or achievements can make a great difference in how you are perceived by an employer.

Wherever possible, put in figures such as % and $ signs. This way, you will be able to effectively highlight how much you managed to achieve.

Measurement of your achievements is not always based on numbers but it is good to provide them wherever possible.

Here are some samples of achievements that can be written in a sales manager resume.

10 Sample Achievements for Sales Manager Resume

  1. Successfully met company sales targets by 100% between the years 2018 and 2020.
  2. Consistently maintained sales volumes, product mixes, and selling prices by keeping updated with supply and demand and changing market trends.
  3. Increased customer base from 3500 to 6100 within 8 months by employing strategic sales initiatives.
  4. Trained 50+ sales officers and support staff members within a short time span of 3 years.
  5. Designed and implemented a strategic business plan that increased revenue by $50000 per year.
  6. Retained the company’s top customers in the wake of strict competition, by devising and presenting them with discount options.
  7. Developed and implemented a sales forecast system, that dynamically calculated future sales and constraints.
  8. Identified 3 emerging markets with a potential for growth, resulting in the company’s expansion in the industry.
  9. Successfully generated a lead of 52 corporate accounts, out of which 50 were realized as high business-giving customers.
  10. Increased customers’ interest in new product lines by successfully generating ideas for sales contests.

Additional Guidelines

Make it a habit to keep track of all your work-related achievements so that you can easily put them in when you update your resume.

Some openers that you can use to write your accomplishments statements include:

  • Corrected an internal problem…
  • Expanded/improved something…
  • Increased business opportunities or sales…
  • Reduced costs or errors…
  • Cut downtime…
  • Consistently met goals or deadlines…
  • Avoided or solved problems…
  • Devised or streamlined systems…
  • Increased customer satisfaction…
  • Raised conformance ratings…

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