Department Store Sales Associate Job Description

Updated on: July 23, 2019

Position Overview

A department store has many sections – electronics, clothes, groceries and produce – and if a department store sales associates are required to rotate between all these, he will be trained in each of these areas.

Eligibility Criteria

Since a department store hosts a huge array of consumer goods, it goes without saying that department store sales associates need to be jacks of all trades.


Depending on the terms that they are hired on, they may be required to work within one department inside the store or work across many departments, so their skills need to be diverse.

It is not really important for department store sales associates to possess more than a high school diploma, but if they have a business degree, they may require less training and have more chances of obtaining a job at this position.

To work as a successful department store sales associate, one has to be a communicative individual – talking to different types of customers is all in a day’s work for sales associates.

It is also imperative to possess exceptional problem-solving skills and have the ability to manage multiple customers at the same time.

In this role, it is quite important to know your limitations – if you do not have expertise in a certain area, it is always best to call in someone who does to deal with customers.


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Refer below to a list of duties that a department store sales associate typically performs:

Sample Job Description for Department Store Sales Associate 

• Create effective connections with customers by greeting them appropriately and listening to their shopping needs.

• Provide customers with options on what they can buy by making sure that suggestions correspond to their wants.

• Escort or direct customers to their concerned departments and ensure that someone is available to help them with their purchases.

• Provide pricing and availability information to customers and inform them of possible discounts, discount schemes or any offers that the department store may be offering.

• Seek out customers in aisles who obviously be having difficulties finding their choice of products and assist them immediately.

• Assist customers in making purchasing decisions by demonstrating products.

• Provide assistance to customers when looking for fresh grocery or produce items and help them to bag and weigh their purchases.

• Replenish stock on shelves and trash any expired items.

• Help customers locate merchandise and provide them with relevant information including expiry dates and low priced alternatives.

• Listen to customers’ concerns regarding their purchases and provide positive feedback.

• Provide customers with aftersales information and ensure that their purchases are properly bagged and delivered.

• Meet preset sales goals by indulging in employing selling techniques.

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