Interview Questions and Answers for Retail Sales Associate

Updated on: May 4, 2019

Position Summary

Retail sales associates work at retail stores where their primary work is customer services.

They assist customers with locating and choosing items in a store. They explain the features of each product in order to close a sale and answer any questions that a customer may have regarding the products.


Retail sales associates also manage inventories and ensure that all shelves are stocked appropriately.

They are expected to anticipate the needs of the customers by engaging them in conversation and ensuring that they get what they are looking for.

When applying for a position in this regard, you may need to understand what you might be asked during an interview.

Here are some most likely questions and answers that you may be asked when giving an interview for the Retail Sales Associate position.




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Retail Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

What makes you a great candidate for this job?
My exceptional interpersonal skills, convincing power, and ability to create effectual displays make me an ideal candidate for this job.

Do you have any experience in the retail arena?
I have worked extensively in the retail business. Previously, I worked as a customer relations associate at Dansbury where I was responsible for providing product information and ensuring that a sale is closed in a professional manner. I also have hands-on experience in inventory management and have some experience dealing with product vendors.

What were your responsibilities at your previous workplace?
I was responsible for maintaining a neat and clean section with a compelling display of products, greeting clients, understanding their product preferences and expectations, suggesting the appropriate product, testing it, processing warranty, operating POS cash register for payment and issuing the corresponding receipt.

Tell us of one achievement that you are proud of.
While working at Tesco, I was given two targets – the store’s sales target and my own. I was expected to meet either the end of six months. Within four months, I had achieved both by 100% and awarded an immediate raise!

What do you think are the more important characteristics of a sales associate?
The ability to understand what you are selling and who you are selling to are the two most important things. Complete product knowledge and the ability to relay that information to the customer who wants to buy it is not the easiest of jobs but is necessary to be successful as a sales associate. Additionally, I sales associate needs to be very focused on delivering quality services and ensuring that any conflict is managed professionally.

How do you manage the order in your department?
I ensure that every shelf is stocked appropriately and that everything is arranged neatly and cleanly. I also ensure that price tags are up to date and that display designs are managed in a manner befitting the present promotion.

Tell us about an instance when you handled a difficult customer?
One day a man came in great fury. He had purchased a TV the previous day and had requested for an electrician to install the fittings at his residence. Due to staff shortage, the electrician he had paid for could not reach his place timely. I calmed him down by apologizing and then politely told him that he would be there shortly and also offered him a refund apologizing again for the inconvenience caused. He left satisfied, and I immediately informed the management about the issue.

Have you used any retail sales system before?
Yes, I am very well versed in point of sales system and retail software.

How do you maintain updated knowledge regarding products and services?
I always make notes to familiarize myself with the product specifications and pricing. Once I become well versed in offered products, services and packages, I only keep records of new product launches either in the form of short placards or small sticky notes behind the counter. I also read instruction manuals and catalogs that come with various products in my free time.

What do you know about our products and services?
I am aware that you deal in electronics ranging from small items like irons to bulky items like 3D televisions. You also provide home electrician and electronic repair services.

What do you enjoy about retail sales?
I love the challenge of understanding and catering to the client’s needs in retails.

What kind of work schedule do you expect?
I am generally okay with any work schedule and am willing to do extra shifts as and when needed.

What three traits you possess which have been a strength as a retail sales assistant?
I am a people’s oriented person, multilingual and great negotiator.

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