Home Depot Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: June 6, 2017

Interviews should be considered teachers rather than monsters – because even a failed interview manages to teach us a lot in terms of what not to do the next time around!

When you appear for a sales associate interview, your main concern should be to be able to impress a hiring manager so much that he or she cannot help but ask you to join immediately.

But this does not happen too often – unless of course you are great at what you do. Only then can you be considered a great hire. But to prove this, you have to go through a (sometimes) rigorous interview session. To see what a sales associate hoping to work for The Home Depot will be subjected to in terms of interview questions and answers, have a look at the following set:


Home Depot Sales Associate Interview Questions and Answers

What is the one thing that you absolutely love about sales work?
I love challenges generally. And since sales work is all about acing a certain challenge or series of challenges, I find the work absolutely amazing.

What duties have you performed in the role of a sales associate previously?
As a sales associate, I have been involved in providing customers with one on one services to ensure that all their buying needs are met. Working with customers to determine their requirements and providing them with just the right products is something that I have been actively doing. In addition to this, I have handled product demonstrations and led customers through payment procedures. As far as stock work is concerned, I have been performing inventory management activities and handling stock display and visual merchandising work as well.

What makes you a good choice to hire as a sales associate at The Home Depot?
I believe that I have all that it takes to be contributory in a sales associate role in an organization that is famous not only for its products, but for the excellent customer services that it provides. As a customer service-oriented individual with over 5 years of relevant experience, I believe that I can augment your sales efforts, and generate additional revenues for your organization.

How do you handle conflict where customers are concerned?
I am an extremely well-balanced individual who goes to great lengths to ensure that any type of conflict or problem is resolved before it becomes a crises. Making sure that the problem is investigated and appropriate resolutions are implemented in usually my first course of action.

Have you ever been in a situation where your mettle in customer services was tested?
Several times. Working is sales means that problems are all in a day’s work. There was a time when a customer was extremely upset that his furniture hadn’t been delivered. There was a huge chaos with him screaming at the sales team while we frantically looked for reasons for it not being delivered. It turned out that he had provided the wrong address and the delivery team was going mad looking for the place. I managed to calm him down by politely telling him what had transpired.

What are your 5 year professional plans?
Within the next 5 years, I hope to climb the ladder and work as a sales manager, with an entire floor dedicated to me. I am working tirelessly to make this happen!