Singer Resume Objective Examples and Writing Guide

June 24, 2020

If singing is a passion for you, and you want to earn from it as well, it is important to write a solid resume.

But before you think of writing the entire resume, think of how you would start it.

The objective is the beginning of any resume, so you have to concentrate here first. Your focus should be on your ability to sing both high and low notes and knowledge of music in general.

In your resume objective for a singer position, focus on your ability to memorize, record, and perform songs.

Emphasize the fact that you have some studio as well as stage experience. Also, provide information regarding your knowledge of playing different instruments such as guitars and drums.

A resume objective for a singer position should effectively highlight what the applicant brings to the table. If you have a specific skill, such as singing classical songs, you must mention that as well.

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Some examples of a singer’s resume objective are provided here:

Singer Resume Objective Examples

1. To work as a Singer at Six Flags America, by providing the benefit of excellent knowledge of music genres, including classical, rock, jazz, and blues. Unmatched ability to collaborate with managers, producers, and other singers in order to work in a solid team environment. Able to maintain an appropriate physical presence, as well as stamina required for live performances.

2. Top-performing Singer with over 5 years of experience in reading, interpreting, and singing lyrics during performances, and recording sessions. Presently seeking a position at Universal Orlando. Knowledge of conveying emotional joy, sadness, and other feelings in songs. Proficient in signing different styles, such as pop, jazz, rhythm, and rock. Adept at applying knowledge of harmony, melody, and voice production during numbers.

3. Desire a position as a Singer at Fiesta Texas Inc. Eager to apply in-depth knowledge of memorizing lyrics, music, and choreography guidelines. Expert in maintaining consistency of performances, and creating and impersonating characters and personalities. Unmatched ability to engage crowds during performances, ensuring entertainment consistency.

4. To obtain a position as a Singer at The Julliard School employing hands-on experience in performing music for live audiences and recordings. Competent in playing guitars, and keyboards during performances. Highly skilled in performing before live audiences as a solo artist as well as part of a band.

5. Seeking a Singer position at Longy School of Music using excellent skills in memorizing musical selections, and routines, and singing printed text and musical notations. Familiar with observing choral leaders and prompters for cues and direction in vocal presentation. Proven ability to perform before live audiences, and on television, or movie productions.

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