Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 16, 2019

A strong knowledge base of pharmacology and the ability to convince the doctor that a company’s drug is the best is what makes a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative successful.


A candidate wanting to work as one will need to send in a cover letter for a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume that possesses at least some of the information given in the following sample.



Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Cover Letter Example


12 River Road
Canaan, NH 44232

May 16, 2019

Ms. Elizabeth Tott
Hiring Manager
726 Pembroke Drive
Canaan, NH 66252


Dear Ms. Tott:

Your website indicated your need of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives to promote the array of new drugs that Novartis has introduced. Sincpossesssses a degree in marketing, over three years of healthcare sales experience and exceptional presentation skills, I am confident that you will need to look no further. As a goal-oriented and result driven individual, I am sure that you will find my work above par.

As noted on my resume, I possess the necessary understanding of how the human body works and some basic understanding of the disease and associated pharmacology. This quality alone makes it easy for me to talk to a healthcare professional effectively by providing correct answers to their questions while advocating a company’s product.

Besides, I can understand what drugs are relevant to which specialty which keeps very little room for error. I know that a sales representative has only a few minutes to make a sales pitch with each doctor and I can provide correct drug information in little time.

I am quite confident that you will consider my credentials for this position. I will call you at the start of next week to inquire about a possible interview date. I am available at (999) 999-9999 throughout the day if you wish to speak to me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Samuel Thomson

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