Including a cover letter for any position with the resume – even if it is not required – is a wise decision. Cover letters provide an opportunity to introduce yourself to the employer and also provide a platform for persuasion. A cover letter to accompany your sales representative resume needs to be an exceptionally “selling” one since the employers may use it to gauge your sales expertise. Use this golden chance fully to market your skills in the field.

The only main difference in a regular and email based cover letter is that the former tends to be a bit longer as compared to the later. Your email cover letter also includes a subject line and is divided generically into three to four short paragraphs. Since the letter is being sent via email, it does not require the postal address of the employer, however it is advisable to add your own address and contact details at the end of the letter for the convenience of the employer.


Sales Representative Cover Letter Sample (Email Version)


Subject Line: Sales Representative – Samantha Marshall

Body of Email

February 1, 2016


Dear Mr. Alex:

Being knowledgeable of latest technological sales techniques and approaching trends in today’s competitive market, I believe my skills could come in very handy to enhance your sales.

My experience as a sales representative with various companies has rendered me capable of selling any product effectively. I possess a verifiable track record of exceeding the sales targets and enhancing revenues. Specially, the following attributes will help me contribute to your sales team:

❖ Special talent for making new accounts, obtaining orders and maintaining old accounts.

❖ Competent at monitoring competition by finding information on pricing and merchandising techniques.

❖ Demonstrated ability to investigate customer problems and develop appropriate solutions

Attached is a copy of my resume which completely details my qualifications as a Sales Representative position. After one week, I will get in touch with you to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, I can be reached at (004) 222-7777.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Samantha Marshall
876 Pickwick Ave
Austin, TX 43985
Cellular: (004) 222-7777

Attachment: samantha-resume.doc