Electronic Sales Associate Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2022
Position Overview

There was a time when one sales representative or associate handled sales activities of all types of products in a store. Those times have changed.

Because of increased customer demands and competition, it is no wonder that people are now being trained and assigned to different departments. In such cases, concentration is only on one area and it is easy for sales associates to meet their goals and ensure customer service.

One such designation is that of an electronic sales associate – an individual who specializes in selling electronics to customers.

Electronic sales associates work in shops that sell electronics or large retail concerns that have dedicated electronics departments.

Electronic sales associates have to be pleasant individuals as they typically work at the first tier

. Providing expert advice and guidance to customers is very important which is why it is necessary for them to possess insight into what they are selling.

A large part of working as an electronics sales associate is to understand how to aesthetically display electronics and mention their features in display units.

Education and Skills

Educational requirements to work in this role are a high school diploma or a GED but one has to have good sales acumen.

Knowledge of electronics goods and the ability to keep updated with new technology is an important requisite of working in this capacity.

Electronic Sales Associate Job Description Sample

• Greet customers as they arrive and inquire into their choice of electronic goods.

• Lead customers to designated aisles/shelves for their specified items.

• Provide customers with information regarding product features and benefits.

• Demonstrate features by employing knowledge of gadgets and technology.

• Respond to customers’ questions and concerns and provide them with proof to back up your claims.

• Walk customers through the buying procedure by ensuring smooth payment processes.

• Pack electronic items in original packing and ensure that they are accompanied by warranty cards.

• Arrange for electronic products to be delivered to customers’ offices and homes.

• Assist in transporting heavy electronic items to vehicles.

• Maintain liaison with procurement officers to ensure sufficient electronic items are available within each category.

• Ensure that products are neatly displayed in display units and have all corresponding information attached to them.

• Indulge in upselling endeavors with a view to increasing revenue.

• Maintain knowledge of what the competition is selling and provide feedback to supervisors.

• Make sure that pricing information is kept current and that customers are made aware of discounts and promotions.

• Input sales orders in the company database and track them through delivery or pick-up processes.