Accounting Coordinator Resume Sample

Updated on: April 11, 2022

Writing a great Accounting Coordinator resume is the first and most crucial step in your job search journey.

In order to write a compelling resume, reference the job description specifically provided by the employer and highlight any skills, experiences, and education that match their requirements.

There are a few main sections that are mandatory in an Accounting Coordinator resume.

1. Professional Summary or Highlights
2. Skills and Expertise
3. Work Experience
4. Education

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The following resume sample for an accounting coordinator position will give you an idea of how to write one according to employers’ requirements.

Accounting Coordinator Resume Example

Julian Delta
635 Princess Drive
Stockton, CA 48293
(000) 999-9999
ju.del @ email . com


• Highly motivated accounting coordinator with a solid track record in performing complex accounting functions.
• Special talent for maintaining accuracy, thoroughness, and timeliness.
• Well-versed in preparation of client invoices pertaining to legal services and associated costs
• Demonstrated expertise in the processing of check requests, expense reimbursements, and vendor negotiation
• Ability to conduct testing of automated accounting processes while ensuring that they meet quality standards
• Knowledge of accounting software including Elite, Basware, and Concur

Reconciliation | Documentation
Accounting processes | Timely review
Internal control processes | Financial statements
GAAP | Accounting helpdesk
Financial forecasts | Expenses management


Accounting Coordinator
• Streamline 30+ procedures pertaining to processing and payment of invoices, thereby reducing the processing time by 30%
• Reconcile 150 discrepant entries within 12 hours, in time for the annual audit
• Facilitate communication channels between the company, clients, suppliers, and lenders
• Ensure that all incoming and outgoing invoices are accounted for and any changes to accounts are legitimate
• Provide guidance in maintaining accounts payable records and updating databases

Accounting Coordinator
• Implemented internal controls to maintain financial records security
• Introduced a new auditing procedure to substantiate financial transactions, which resulted in accounting data integrity increase by 44%
• Collected financial information and organized it for tax and audit purposes
• Applied standard controls when transferring data between two mediums
• Prepared accounting reports and ensured that they are reconciled
• Anticipated petty cash needs of each department to ensure a proper cash flow
• Analyzed accounts to ensure their accuracy and compile statistical reports
• Prepared correspondence to communicate with various internal and external agencies

Accounting Officer
EKFOX, Stockton, CA
• Created, coordinated, and analyzed annual spending programs and budgets
• Reconciled bill claims and invoices
• Prepared cash books and ledgers according to set accounting principles
• Compiled and recorded revenue statements and reconcile balance with each branch
• Recorded funds transfer duties from various exchanges and crosscheck with departments
• Handled daily and periodic invoicing tasks and banking activities
• Processed corporate credit card transactions after verifying their authenticity

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
City College, Stockton, CA – 2008