Best Buy Computer Sales Associate Job Description Sample

Updated on: April 12, 2022
Company Overview

Best Buy is one of the biggest retailers of household appliances, computers, car electronics, wearable technology, cameras, and many more things.

For each type of product that they sell, they provide training to sales associates specifically.

For instance, an individual who knows computers will only be hired to handle sales regarding that particular section – computers and tablets.

Position Overview

A Best Buy computer sales associate job is not much different from a sales associate working in a retail environment.

However, it may differ slightly in the sense that working as a computer sales associate requires you to possess skills in operating computers.

A computer sales associate is not the same as a computer technician, but he still has to know how to operate a computer and handle simple hardware and software installations.

As you enter Best Buy to pick and choose your computer, the first (and probably the only) person you will deal with is a computer sales associate.

He will ask questions to determine what your computer buying needs are, provide suggestions, show you different solutions and lead you through the payment procedure as well.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility to work as a Best Buy computer sales associate is to be sales savvy and know the customer service inside out.

Best Buy Computer Sales Associate Job Description Sample

• Greet customers as they enter the computers section of Best Buy

• Ask questions to determine their interest in buying computers and tablets

• Inquire what specifications they require on the computer that they want to buy

• Suggest possible solutions for desktops and laptops, after determining customers’ budget

• Explain each suggested model’s features and benefits

• Operate computer to provide customers with information on the “feel” and “look” of the machine

• Handle product demonstrations and answer correlating questions

• Assist customers in choosing the right machine according to their specific needs

• Suggest additional items such as printers and scanners to go with the original computer purchase

• Provide customers with pricing and warranty information and explain warranty claim procedures

• Educate customers on the use of selected computers and answer their questions

• Assist customers in understanding how to maximize the use of software features

• Negotiate prices and assist customers with the payment procedures

• Ensure that adequate computer merchandise is available in inventory

• Coordinate the procurement of computer systems and accessories

• Neatly display computer systems, auxiliary equipment, and accessories