Cashier Sales Associate Resume Sample

Updated on: September 16, 2016

Resumes of today have found a way to get to the hiring manager’s table one way or another. But they still need your help to get them to pass each test on the way.

While there are a million pieces of advice out there, telling you exactly how to write your resume from point A to B, the human touch is still important, as you cannot depend on technology entirely, even if you have found just the right digital dock for your resume.

Fear not! Here is a resume sample for a cashier / sales associate position, to help you along:


Cashier Sales Associate Resume Sample


Nancy Briggen

5 E Winnerline Road | Eaton, OH 22885 | (000) 524-8544 | nancybrig @email .com


Summary: Customer service-oriented, pleasant-natured and diligent individual with over 5 years of cashiering and sales experience in a retail capacity. Attentive and confident, with a great reputation for getting along well with customers and coworkers.

• Excellent skills in providing customers with information and assistance in locating their choices of products
• Effectively able to handle product demonstrations according to company procedures, in a bid to help customers comprehend uses and benefits
• Demonstrated expertise in operating standard and complex POS systems and accurately manage cashiering activities
• Proficient in performing cross-selling / upselling activities to meet self and store targets efficiently


– Mystery Shopping – Sales Referrals – Smooth Checkout
– Upselling – Marketing / Sales Support – Complaint Management
– Promotional Activities – Visual Merchandising – Product Demonstrations
– Aftersales Services – Loss Prevention – Inventory Handling


Cashier / Sales Associate
Bed, Bath and Beyond, Eaton, OH | 6/2010 – Present

• Introduce the concept of performing “mystery shopping” activities, reducing both time and effort required for extensive competitive market research
• Decrease chances of in-store theft by implementing advanced loss prevention programs
• Manage the cash counter and ensure that assigned POS system is properly set and ready to use at the beginning of each shift
• Ensure that the cash drawer has sufficient change at the beginning of the day
• Greet customers as they arrive at the cash counter with their purchases and scan each item into the system
• Provide information of totals, process cash and credit card payments and tender change and receipts
• Balance cash registers at the end of each shift and manage any discrepancies immediately

Sales Associate
FTY Sore, Eaton, OH | 5/2007 – 6/2010

• Proved to be invaluable for a merchandising campaign taken forth by the company, by providing deep insight into the process, resulting in increased customer awareness
• Led a cashier training session for 42 newly hired cashiers, to be deployed to the company’s retail outlets in 6 states across the US
• Greeted customers as they enter the store and assisted them in locating their products of choice
• Led customers through decision making and purchasing procedures, by helping them with suggestions and information
• Ensured that all purchases were properly bagged and delivered to customers’ vehicles

Sales Intern
Macy’s, Eaton, OH| 2/2006 – 5/2007

• Assisted customers in locating or choosing the right product according to their specific requirements
• Demonstrated product features and answered any related questions or concerns
• Led customers through the purchasing process and ensured that their purchases were bagged or wrapped properly
• Stocked shelves according to the 4 Ps of marketing and ensured that any near expiry or expired items were removed
• Assisted with visual merchandising processes by helping put up signs and visual displays of new products or product lines

High School Diploma – 2006
Eaton High School, Eaton, OH