Cashier Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 15, 2016

To enable yourself to write an effective cover letter for cashier sales associate position, it is the best practice to call the company to clarify exactly what the employer is looking for in your application. A cover letter is more than just a short note that outlines your abilities and knowledge. When coupled with a well-written resume, it provides you with an opportunity to sell yourself as a highly competitive candidate, whose experience and skills are absolutely spot on with the employer’s needs.

Once it is clear what type of a cover letter you need to write – whether regular or a cold canvas one – you can begin writing by addressing the person who will be reading your letter. This can be found out from the initial telephone call that you make as well. Specifically tailoring your cover letter to each position that you apply for is important. A concise and to the point cover letter can do wonders for your chances to work at a company.

Typically, a cover letter must not be more than a page long. This gives you around 4 paragraphs to say whatever you can to make yourself look good in front of a prospective employer. This is enough space to convince him or her that you have the skills and are ready to use them for the company’s benefit. Here is a sample:


Cashier Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample


Georgina Matte
525 8th Street
Sugar Grove, OH 20122
(000) 878-5654
Georgina @ email . com

September 15, 2016

Mr. William Sprint
Hiring Manager
22 E Benson Road
Sugar Grove, OH 43122


Dear Mr. Sprint:

I am interested in working as a cashier / sales associate at Target, as advertised in The Daily Classifieds (Job ID# 12556). While employed at The Retail Company, I was juggling the duties of both these roles with quite a lot of success, owing to my ability to multitask effectively, and core sales and cashiering training over the years.

As an energetic individual who is highly regarded for his customer service-orientation, and capability of meeting sales targets, I believe that you will benefit greatly from my exposure to the retail world in both these capacities. Not only am I capable of carrying out everyday tasks assigned to me, I am well-versed in providing both insight and physical assistance in carrying out merchandising activities. I was recently commended for my suggestion to indulge in “mystery shopping”, which decreased the company’s competition research costs by 52%!

My experience and skills in managing sales and cashiering services is an amalgamation of qualifications that I am positive will interest you greatly. I will call you soon to determine an appropriate time and date for us to meet. In the meantime, I can be reached at (000) 878-5654.



Georgina Matte

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