Cashier Sales Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated on: June 26, 2021
Position Overview

Cashiers sometimes also double up as sales associates and vice versa.

Many retail environments hire people to handle both types of work, either because they need people who can do both during rush hours/days or because it adds a variety to their jobs, keeping boredom at bay.

In either of these circumstances, it is important for people hoping to secure the position to be well-versed in both.

Sales associates/cashiers need to possess great communication skills as they are in constant contact with customers. They greet them, provide them with product information and lead them through the purchasing procedure. They also handle credit card and cash payments which is why they must be savvy where money matters are concerned.

Typical duties of a cashier sales associate include some or all of the following in the list:

Job Description for Cashier Sales Associate Resume

• Greet customers and politely inquire into their purpose of visit.

• Assist customers in locating items by either giving them directions around the store or escorting them to where their choice of items are located.

• Demonstrate product features and benefits and answer questions regarding pricing and deals.

• Provide information regarding discounts and deals on items other than the ones that the customers are looking for.

• Provided customers with information regarding aftersales services and warranties.

• Assist customers throughout the purchasing procedure by leading them to cash tills.

• Punch in purchases in the POS system and provide customers with information on their bill total.

• Accept credit/debit card and cash payments and ensure that appropriate verifications are conducted and change tendered.

• Bag customers’ purchases and arrange for them to be delivered to their vehicles.

• Ensure that product inventories are up to date and inform procurement managers of low stock levels.

• Assist in stocking items on shelves by following explicit instructions from floor managers.

• Balance cash machines at the end of each shift and ensure that any discrepancies are immediately addressed.

• Ensure that change is available in the cash machine at the beginning of each shift.

• Create and maintain both purchase and cash reports on a periodic basis.

Position Requirements

To work as a cashier sales associate, one has to possess a high school diploma at the very least.

Prior experience in a retail environment counts. Cashiers/sales associates also need to be physically dexterous as they spend a major part of their day on their feet, running around and assisting customers.

Most of them may even be given the responsibility of handling stocking and inventory duties.

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