Cashier Associate Job Description

Updated on: June 21, 2017

Position Overview

A cashier associate or assistant is an individual who provides support to the main cashier in processing payments. People working as cashier associates are usually hired at the entry level. In situations when they are not, they are required to handle a lot of complex transactions processing work. Working as a cashier associate means that you will need to be on your toes (mentally) all of the time. Since you will be seeking out customers who are looking for assistance in processing their purchases, it is important that you are a go-getter, and a service-oriented individual.

Skills & Qualifications

Usually, a high school diploma or a GED is sufficient to work as a cashier. Some exposure to working in a retail environment may work wonders for your career. In most situations, cashier associates are also expected to provide one on one customer services– in a sales associate capacity. To be able to do this work, you need to know all there is to know about the company’s products and services, and of course, about standard payment procedures as well. Since you will be working directly with customers, it is important for you to possess a friendly attitude. Some experience to balancing cash drawers and handling discrepancies is also important if you want to work as a cashier associate.

What follows is a list of duties associated with a cashier associate position:

Cashier Associate Job Description

• Greet customers as they arrive at the cash counter, and provide them with assistance in unloading their baskets and carts

• Scan each item into the system and ensure that displayed unit prices are correct

• Provide customers with information on total payables, and process both cash and credit card payments

• Instruct baggers on how using different types of bags appropriate for each item or unit of items

• Arrange for deliveries to be made to customers’ cars, homes and offices and follow up on delivered items

• Assist the cashier in balancing the cash drawer and handling any obvious discrepancies in real time

• Count cash in assigned cash drawers, fill out bank deposit forms and ensure that all cash is deposited into the bank at the end of the shift

• Ascertain that sufficient change is made available in the cash drawer, before the beginning of each shift

• Create and submit cash receipt reports, to provide the management with an overview of the day’s sales

• Assist customers in locating their choice of products within the store, and provide product demonstrations and price information