Cook Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: September 16, 2016

Appreciation is important to all of us – it helps us get through the day and encourages us to work better. But did you know that appreciation can also get us a job? Well, a recommendation letter is nothing less than a letter of appreciation by an ex employer to a potential one. You may have been asked to write a recommendation letter at some point in your life. What did you write? Were you honest? You weren’t too honest were you?

An individual who has worked for you for a certain period of time might have been highly appreciated by you, despite the few quirks that he had. Were you prepared to overlook them then? If the answer is yes, you should overlook any problems or issues that you had with your employee when you write a recommendation letter too. A recommendation letter is all about praising an ex-employee so much that he or she has no trouble getting a new job. It is really quite a selfless thing to do – praise an ex-employee so that he can leave your company and join another!

But that is the norm. People leave all the time for better prospects or because they have other private reasons, and obtaining a recommendation letter from a previous employer is their right. Here is a sample recommendation letter for a cook position to help you write one:


Cook Recommendation Letter Sample


September 16, 2016



It is my pleasure to recommend Robin Curry who has worked as a Cook under my supervision at The Oven since the time we opened way back in 2001. From our collaboration, I can safely conclude that Robin has a strong motivation for culinary sciences and is definitely the best all-rounder cook in the state!

During the last 15 years, Robin has managed to take my restaurant from a small establishment serving burgers and pizza, to a fine dining one that now serves 3 international cuisines, including French, Italian and Indian food. Since he does most of the baking and cooking himself, quality control has never been an issue. Over the years, we have had many happy patrons who have in turn given us great business through word of mouth.

As a person, Robin is a joy to work with – his enthusiasm is infectious and he has a great ability to get along with people of all ages and backgrounds. It makes me sad to know that Robin has decided to move to another state and will not be working with me anymore. Nonetheless, I wish him all the best for his future endeavors and give you my unabashed recommendation to hire him as a gourmet cook.

If you need to contact me for any further information or clarification, please call at (000) 142-7474.



Kevin Yates
Owner – The Oven
62 Main Street
Azusa, CA 10369