Car Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

Updated on: March 24, 2021

The aim of a car sales representative is to sell cars to customers. S/he needs to employ many methods to ensure the success of a sale and are required to learn much about the type of car they are attempting to sell.

When you enter a car dealer’s showroom, the chances are that the first person you meet is a car sales representative.

He or she will greet you, ask about your car buying preferences, and provide you with advice on which car best suits both your needs and budget.

It is the job of a car sales representative to provide customers with detailed information regarding a car’s characteristics and capabilities.

It helps if you are genuinely interested in cars and possess good knowledge about makes and models.

As a car sales representative, you will also be required to accompany customers on test drives and educate them about the features of the car along the way.

To work as a successful car sales representative, you must be assertive.

Closing a deal is not easy when it is a car that you are selling – an item that is big and expensive. What else will you be doing? Read below for a list of duties.

Sample Job Duties for Car Sales Representative Resume

• Welcome customers as they arrive at the dealership or showroom
• Confer with them about their car buying needs
• Take details of features and characteristics that they are interested in and make a list for future reference
• Provide suggestions on makes and models that best fit customer’s interest and demand
• Accompany customers on a tour of the showroom and provide them with information regarding each car that they show interest
• Suggest test drives on cars that customers seem interested in and accompany them on the test drive
• Make sure that customers are provided with as much information regarding a car’s interior and exterior as possible
• Quote cars prices to customers within their budget
• Suggest car payment and finance plans to customers where feasible
• Provide customers with information on warranties and after-sales services
• Draw up car purchase agreements and make sure that customers understand them entirely before they sign them
• Take payments from customers in exchange for cars sold
• Record customer information for providing after-sales services and to use for repeat business where possible
• Respond to any questions or concerns brought to light by customers during the purchase or afterward

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