Advertising Sales Representative Job Description

Updated on: January 31, 2019

Working as an advertising sales representative is certainly no piece of cake.

In fact, it may be the hardest thing that you can do, as far as sales are concerned.

Convincing clients to use your company’s space to advertise their products and services is not easy. And that is what an advertising sales representative has to do.

Typically, a degree in sales is required to work as an advertising sales representative.

However, many companies may hire you even if you possess a high school diploma – provided that you have some exposure to advertising sales. The ability to convince clients that their organizations need your space is important.

Being a good conversationalist is a given when working as an advertising sales representative.

The work of an advertising sales representative revolves around creating leads and following up on them.

It is his or her job to find out who controls advertising budgets in target organizations. Also, he or she must be able to explain the benefits of the medium that is being offered.

A list of duties particular to the position of an advertising sales representative is provided below:

Advertising Sales Representative Job Description

• Create la ist of prospective client companies for sales pitches.
• Shortlist prospects in order to develop a list of most feasible clients.
• Perform cold calling duties in order to contact prospects.
• Provide prospects with information of services / space offered by the company.
• Explain the benefits of different types of advertising mediums, such as print, and electronic.
• Create appointments with prospects clients, and follow up on them.
• Meet prospects in order to provide them with detailed information.
• Present options such as images, designs, and font sizes.
• Obtain and maintain assigned accounts, as well as develop new ones.
• Explain to clients how specific types of advertising will help promote their products and services.
• Create and present cost estimates for advertising campaigns.
• Process correspondence related to existing and new accounts.
• Negotiate the terms of contracts, in order to ensure benefit for both client and company.
• Keep a thorough follow-up with clients, lest they lose interest.
• Deliver advertising and illustration proofs, and obtain approvals.
• Recommend appropriate sizes and formats for specific advertising mediums.
• Process sales, through contracts and follow-up tasks.
• Provide after sales services in order to ensure client satisfaction.
• Address problems and issues, such as quality and timeliness, to ensure consistency.
• Develop and use content for marketing and sales pitches.

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