Automotive Sales Representative Job Description

Updated on: February 10, 2019

An automotive sales representative, or simply, a car salesman is responsible for meeting targets to sell cars.

He or she usually works in vehicle showrooms where they meet and greet customers, and give them reasons why they need to invest in a car.

As an automotive sales representative, your main job will be to greet prospective customers and encourage them to make sales. Also, you will need to demonstrate vehicle features and benefits in order to convince them.

Working as an automotive sales representative means that your communication skills must be excellent.

And you should be able to judge what customers are looking for by engaging them in conversation.

These abilities will help you close sales in a quick manner, and also allow you to meet your sales goals effectively.

Typically, an automotive sales representative will perform some or all of the duties listed below:

Automotive Sales Representative Job Description for Resume

• Greet prospective and return customers as they arrive at the dealership.

• Engage customers in conversation in order to determine their specific car buying requirements.

• Inquire into customers’ budgets so that proper recommendations can be provided.

• Provide recommendations regarding the type of cars or other vehicles required.

• Show customers around the showroom, in order to provide them with visuals of available vehicles.

• Respond to questions regarding vehicle features, such as fuel consumption and road grip.

• Accompany customers during test drives.

• Provide information regarding transmissions.

• Convince customers to buy vehicles according to their budgets and requirements.

• Inform customers of any leasing options that the dealership may be offering.

• Assist customers in filling out car purchase forms.

• Provide information on accepted payment methods.

• Arrange for brand new or used cars to be made available to customers.

• Provide customers with delivery timelines.

• Follow up on ordered vehicles, in order to ensure timely deliveries.

• Ensure that payments are made in a timely fashion.

• Deliver, or arrange to have newly purchased cars delivered to customers’ addresses.

• Assist existing clients in determining their vehicle upgrading requirements.

• Create and maintain records such as delivery status reports, and payment information.

• Ensure that all assigned vehicles are kept in good conditions so that they remain presentable to customers.

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