Apprentice Chef Duties and Responsibilities | Job Description

Updated on: March 24, 2021
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Most famous chefs start their careers as apprentice chefs, a position that is necessary to becoming a good chef eventually.

As apprentices, they learn tricks of the trade and are groomed to work with larger quantities of food and a variety of ingredients.

While training under a full-time chef, apprentice chefs learn much about the foodservice business along with being trained in making entrees and desserts.

To work as an apprentice chef, one must be passionate about food and all that it stands for.

Some knowledge of the foodservice industry can go a long way in helping you understand how it works in the real world; chefs usually prefer hiring apprentices who show initiative and curiosity.

While working as an apprentice chef, people learn much; this knowledge can prove to be invaluable to them when they work as chefs later on.

So what do apprentice chefs do apart from learning the trade? Read on to find out!

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Apprentice Chef Duties and Responsibilities

• Learn different procedures for food preparation

• Prepare ingredients for dishes upon the instructions of chefs

• Assist in operating commercial cooking equipment such as stoves, cookers, ovens, and fryers

• Make sure that food supplies are stored properly and used resourcefully

• Ensure that food items are properly rotated in refrigerators and any near expiry ones are dealt with according to the restaurant’s policies

• Help chefs in cooking activities by providing input and managing work

• Set up food stations by following chef’s orders

• Make sure that recipes are followed properly during food preparation and cooking time

• Handle portion control requirements and presentation standards

• Arrange food items aesthetically on serving plates

• Make sure that the kitchen is clean and organized at all times

• Ensure that best food practices and kitchen hygiene protocols are adhered to

• Guide kitchen staff in upholding high culinary standards

• Assist chef in developing menus and provide suggestions for alternates such as sauces and levels of spice for each entrée

• Make sure that all leftover food is stored properly

• Assist in checking food deliveries for both quantity and quality standards

• Provide input into stock rotation activities and make sure that food inventory is in check

• Learn and employ the basics of food aesthetics in sync with the restaurant’s set instructions

• Maintain a “clean as you go” work ethic

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