Warehouse Operations Manager Job Description and Duties

Updated on: March 24, 2021
Warehouse Operations Manager Job Description

Warehouses are busy places where different professionals perform a diverse range of tasks, often overlapping one another.

Time management and accuracy are two crucial things as far as warehouse operations are concerned.

Warehouse operations managers are hired to make sure that these two are in check apart from making sure that a great number of activities are coordinated so that the operations of a warehouse can be smoothed out.

The supply chain management world needs direction which a warehouse operations manager is well equipped to provide.

Apart from coordinating generating activities of a warehouse, a warehouse operations manager implements safety, security, and sanitation programs.

He also directs the work of operational team leaders so that no hitches are evident and that any problems are managed as soon as they occur.

The position of a warehouse operations manager requires a lot of responsibility and knowledge of the production and supply chain management arenas.

Out of the many duties that people working in this position perform, some are listed below.

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Warehouse Operations Manager Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities

• Interview, hire and develop warehouse staff by creating schedules and ensuring adherence to them

• Provide direction to warehouse personnel in terms of work processes and programs

• Develop product movement and storage strategies within the warehouse

• Communicate job expectations to warehouse personnel at the beginning of each project

• Forecast warehouse budgeting requirements and schedule associated expenditures

• Enforce company policies and procedure to make sure that each unit is working properly

• Analyze workflow and handle space requirements

• Ensure that equipment layout is handled properly

• Provide warehouse personnel with information on best safety practices

• Make sure that the warehouse is kept clean and sanitized at all times

• Oversee merchandise levels and make sure that incoming orders are processed properly

• Ensure physical security of the warehouse by maintaining key control systems

• Develop and implement shipping schedules

• Take physical stock of warehouse operations and make recommendations for improvements

• Ensure that the objectives of the warehouse are kept in mind when handling deliverables

• Develop and implement plans to allocate equipment and tools to personnel on a daily basis

• Make sure that each work order provided to warehouse personnel is within his physical and mental capabilities

• Supervise both inbound and outbound shipping activities and make sure that they are carried out in a time efficient manner

• Perform analysis of warehouse operations and create reports periodically

• Mentor and train warehouse personnel and handle employee assessments and evaluation

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