Retail Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 6, 2022

Together with a Retail Assistant resume, your cover letter is the first “meeting” with the prospective employer.

Therefore, it must be rightly written in the standard business format on a high-quality paper without any spelling or grammatical errors.

Get additional blank sheets of your resume paper as cover letters should be printed on the same paper.

The following is a good sample of the retail assistant cover letter.

In addition to experienced candidates, this template will be handy for entry-level candidates having no or very little experience in the retail industry.

Retail Assistant Cover Letter Example

Anna Johnson
43 Melbourne Street
Cairns, QLD 5847

May 6, 2022

Mr. John Peter
Hiring Manager
Kings Meadows
457 Some Street
Cairns, QLD 5449

Re: Retail Assistant (Position ID 6675)

Dear Mr. Peter:

I am writing to express a keen interest in a Retail Assistant position currently available at the Kings Meadows. My intense and focused approach to customer service and well-developed people and computer skills make me a perfect candidate for this job.

Given the requirements stated in your job description, I can perform all tasks of Retail Assistant efficiently. Particularly, I am highly skilled in greeting customers, handling cash drawer and register, conducting financial transactions with customers, refilling and replenishing merchandise, and recommending customers on product features and benefits. My strong sense of responsibility will enable me to keep an eye on security risks during the shift.

I enjoy working in the sales and retail industry and feel I am most proficient in developing a great rapport with the customers I deal with. I am trustworthy and reliable and take great pleasure in my work. Besides, I am a lively team player who works efficiently with co-workers and always strives for obtaining sales targets.

To discuss how I can contribute to the bottom line of Kings Meadows, I would like to meet with you in person. I will contact you next week to follow up on my job application. Also, I can be reached at the contact numbers given on my resume.

Thank you for considering me for this Retail Assistant position. I look forward to meeting with you soon.


Anna Johnson


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