Retail Marketer Job Description

Updated on: January 9, 2019

A retail marketer is an individual who often works behind the scenes in order to ensure that products are sold widely.

He or she is required to work in a team environment. Basic work involves overseeing and developing marketing campaigns and conducting research and analysis.

Working as a retail marketer requires you to possess exceptional communication skills. Since interesting customers is your main job, it is important that you reach out to them.

Moreover, your skills in selling both goods and services must be exceptional.

As a retail marketer, this is what you will be doing on any given workday:

Retail Marketer Job Description

• Check specifics of proposed products and services in order to determine marketing strategies.

• Create and develop marketing strategies in accordance with market requirements.

• Present developed ideas to marketing managers.

• Develop marketing campaigns in an appropriate manner.

• Conduct research and analysis in order to identify and highlight audiences.

• Devise ideas and strategies.

• Develop and implement promotional strategies for areas such as commercials, social media, and visual merchandising.

• Assist and oversee the development and setting up of visual merchandising props.

• Write and proofread copy for social media and other advertisements.

• Organize events, for example, trade shows and exhibitions.

• Maintain company website.

• Coordinate internal and external marketing metrics.

• Monitor performance of implemented retail marketing plans.

• Create and maintain liaison with vendors to execute promotional events.

• Create brand awareness through well-placed marketing initiatives.

• Analyze marketing data, such as campaign results and customer traffic.

• Report on marketing metrics.

• Create in-store awareness through personal contact and displays.

• Assist in relaunching failed products.

• Provide support in creating strategies for new and existing products.

• Handle the deployment of successful marketing campaigns.

• Produce engaging content for websites and blogs.

• Analyze customers’ behavior, and adjust marketing campaigns accordingly.

• Measure and assess results from previous campaigns in order to determine their efficacy.

• Conduct analytics reporting across multiple platforms.

• Create formal proposals and recommendations.

• Ensure that the 4 Ps of marketing are properly followed by store personnel.

• Collaborate with partner stores in order to implement successful marketing campaigns.

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