Retail Associate Job Description for Resume

Updated: June 29, 2021

Since you cannot write an “effective” resume for a retail associate position unless it has been written following extensive research, you need to really probe into the job description.

So what exactly is it that a retail associate does?

A retail associate is usually hired to provide assistance to customers who shop at a retail establishment.

A retail associate is probably the first person that you will meet when you enter a store.

This person will greet you, ask you your purpose of visit (the typical how may I help you? will follow), and will lead you to your desired aisle or product.

Throughout your experience, he or she will be constantly providing you with suggestions and demonstrations, by keeping a balance so that he or she does not appear overbearing. It is all in the training – during business school, students are taught customer service decorum and this is where it will be tested.

A high school diploma is usually sufficient for this job but since more and more employers are now taking into account that customer services are of great importance, they prefer hiring people who may have studied business.

As a retail associate, it is your duty to be in a consistently helping mode. The ability to take feedback (sometimes negative too) will work wonders for you at this position. Some important tasks of a retail associate include:

Job Description for Retail Associate Resume

• Greet customers and politely inquire into their shopping needs
• Provide direction or escort/lead customers to aisles/shelves where their desired products are placed
• Assist customers in locating products on shelves by looking through model numbers or item numbers (where applicable)
• Demonstrate product features and provide detailed information regarding warrantees and aftersales services
• Respond politely and accurately to customers’ questions and concerns while remaining within company decorum
• Attempt to upsell additional items in order to meet personal and company sales goals
• Provide customers with information on different deals and discount options
• Lead customers throughout the purchasing process, from encouraging to buy to closing the deal with payment
• Arrange for customers’ purchases to be carefully and promptly taken to their vehicles
• Assist promotion teams with their efforts such as setting up visual merchandising displays and banners
• Handle stock inventory and contact procurement teams when stock levels run low
• Ascertain the overall cleanliness and neatness of the retail floor
• Create periodic personal sales reports and ensure that they are submitted to the supervisor in a time-efficient manner