Vinyl Sign Maker Job Description for Resume

Updated on: January 3, 2019

A vinyl sign maker’s main job is to design and create vinyl signs. He or she may work for a vinyl sign making concern or work independently.

As a vinyl sign maker, you will be spending most of your day conferring with customers and offering designs. Also, your work will include creating actual vinyl signs, by following set procedures.

Working as a vinyl sign maker is not complicated if you know the work. Of course, training matters tremendously. If you have had previous sign making or screen printing experience, this will be a great job for you.

Reading and understanding work orders are important in this work, which is why you have to be well-versed in both reading and writing.

In addition, ability to follow instructions properly is required in this work.

Here is a list of duties that you will perform while working as a vinyl sign maker:

Vinyl Sign Maker Job Description for Resume

• Welcome customers, and inquire into their sign making requirements.
• Confer with customers in order to determine specifics.
• Provide recommendations such as design and size.
• Suggest changes to customers’ designs in order to make signs more useful.
• Provide customers with information on available designs and their prices.
• Create and present design and sign layouts.
• Obtain and record orders.
• Provide customers with timelines.
• Follow suggested or developed layouts for designs.
• Prepare substrates for the application.
• Apply vinyl to various substrates.
• Print, mount, trim, and finish digital graphics.
• Obtain raw materials such as sheets and rolls for each vinyl sign making project.
• Generate customers’ concepts.
• Proof drafts with customers.
• Perform duties such as cutting, painting, laminating, and cleaning substrates.
• Weed excess vinyl from surfaces.
• Perform quality control measures.
• Execute proofing for errors or unacceptable standards.
• Perform finishing operations, for example, encapsulating, and mounting.
• Present final products to customers, and obtain feedback.
• Install or apply vinyl signs to different surfaces.
• Perform preventative and regular maintenance on sign making equipment.
• Ensure that customers’ feedback is taken into account when making changes.
• Respond to customers’ queries and concerns.
• Ensure that sufficient raw materials are available to create vinyl signs for current projects.
• Create and maintain relationships with vendors in order to obtain supplies and equipment in a timely manner.

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