Marketing Manager Job Description

Updated on: March 27, 2018

Position Overview

A marketing manager holds a vital role in an organization which requires selling its products and services.

Typically, marketing managers head teams of marketing executives and representatives, to ensure that the message of a company is communicated to the target market.

Their primary work is to identify target markets and determine what their requirements are, and then plan and strategize products and services accordingly.

Position Requirements

Eligibility criteria to work as a marketing manager includes a degree in business, with a major in marketing. Working at this position means that you have to be hands-on in many things, for which, the experience is a necessity. Prior experience in a marketing capacity (even if at a post slightly lower than that of a manager) will qualify you to work at this position.

You have to possess a great analytic mind, along with the ability to create plans and strategies to get the company’s message across to both new, and existing customers. In addition to this, you will be expected to present your cases to large groups of people, which is why stage fright is a complete no. In-depth knowledge of merchandising and promotions is critical as well.

If working as a marketing manager is what you want to do, you may refer to the following list of job duties, particular to this position:

Marketing Manager Duties & Responsibilities

• Develop campaigns to increase awareness of company’s current and future products and services.

• Perform research, and conduct user interviews to create substantive information, based on which marketing strategies can be developed.

• Manage a team of marketing personnel to ensure that they deliver outstanding marketing services to the company.

• Work in sync with product development teams, and customers, with the aim of defining new products.

• Develop strategies and plans to get the word out about the company, with the aim of driving traffic to its doors.

• Deploy tested marketing campaigns, ensuring that they are properly handled from inception to execution.

• Create, develop, and produce valuable and engaging content for websites and blogs, aimed at converting target groups to customers.

• Coordinate marketing activities with sales teams, and ensure that visual merchandising efforts are appropriately carried out.

• Oversee the company’s marketing budget, ensuring that all marketing activities are performed within its boundaries.

• Prepare both online, and print marketing campaigns, and monitor and report on the efficacy of marketing communications.

• Create and maintain an active internal communications channel, to ensure that all company functions are kept in line with marketing objectives.