Top 21 Customer Service Skills for Resume

Updated on: February 20, 2021

Customer service is a concept which is aimed at keeping customers happy to retain them and increase sales.

Companies pay particular attention to their customer service departments because it makes a company flourish.

To be honest, customer service is a critical part of any department within a company – and is more so in departments that are in direct and constant contact with customers.

People who work as part of the customer service department within an organization are provided with lots of training.

Customers are a company’s prime assets, and the need to retain them is of the utmost importance. It is the main reason that companies spend thousands of dollars on training employees properly for any customer service position.

Developing, retaining, and increasing a company’s customer base is one of the prime duties of the customer service staff.

But this cannot be done by training alone; the need for proper skills to do the job is quite high which is why prospective employers insist on hiring people who have some inherent customer service sales.

If you are wondering what these skills may be, you may refer to the following list of skills that are necessary for this position.

21 Sample Skills List for Customer Service Resume

  1.  Focused on “great service beats fast service” directive
  2. Exceptional ability to stay attentive when dealing with customers
  3. Clear communication skills aimed at understanding customers’ needs and providing corresponding services
  4. Proven ability to grasp product knowledge and relay product information in a concise but potent manner
  5. Analytic thinking aimed at resolving customers’ issues in a proactive manner
  6. Able to find conflict resolution without losing self-composure
  7. Detail-oriented and efficient in providing customer service in adverse situations
  8. Assertive but polite when it comes to product or service endorsement
  9. Capable of depersonalizing self with customers
  10. Known for utilizing humor sense during stressful interactions with customers
  11. Excellent body language targeted at providing customers with a positive image of the company
  12. Well-versed in adapting different ways under pressure to meet deadlines
  13. Demonstrated ability to analyze problems or adverse situations in a bid to provide well-placed customer services
  14. Knowhow of varying negotiation and persuasive manners
  15. Profound understanding of customer psychology aimed at delivering individualized customer services
  16. Track record of using tact when handling irate customers
  17. Self-presentation and positive attitude
  18. Exceptional organizational skills and adaptability
  19. Savvy with modern technologies
  20. Flexibility to work in an ever-changing environment
  21. Excellent follow-up and after-sales service skills

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