Writing a cover letter for retail position is an art. Not everyone has the right skills to craft a perfect letter. Many people seek professional help for building good cover letters these days.

Retail positions are more demanding as compared to other jobs, which is why writing a letter for retail position is even more tricky. Before attempting to write a cover letter, one needs to be very clear about the position, the prospective company and the target job requirements.

How to Write a Cover Letter for Retail Jobs?

Following are some helpful tips on how to write a cover letter for retail jobs.

Preparing To Write
Before start writing your retail cover letter, go through the job description and required skills at least twice. If you are responding to a job advertisement, search the company on internet and learn more about them. Once equipped with some knowledge about your potential employer and their demands, you are ready to start.

Components of a Retail Cover Letter
A typical cover letter starts with your name and address, same goes for a retail cover letter. Date and name/address of the employer follow. The letter body is divided usually into three paragraphs. The introductory paragraph, the main body and closing paragraph.

It is good practice to add salutation to your cover letter. If you know the name of hiring authority, mention it, if not, then try to search for it on the web or by other means. If you still can’t find the name, you can write Dear HR Manager

Interesting Starters
A retail cover letter is incomplete without a catchy start! You need to come up with a really selling one-liner introduction of yourself. You can also start by restating the company’s mission statement or by flaunting your experience on retail. For example: ‘Just like ABC Retail Store, I also believe that innovation distinguishes a leader and a follower, I am pleased to introduce myself as an innovative retail assistant who is working in sales arena for six years.’

Highlighting Your Retail Skills
Your letter’s second paragraph is where you need to highlight your retail skills, experience and expertise. Include skills like customer care, marketing, revenue enhancement strategies, initiative ability, IT and interpersonal skills. Think of creative ways to showcase your potential, be suggestive. State how you intend to benefit the hiring organization utilizing your retail acumen and expertise.

Revise before Sending
Make sure you proofread your letter before sending and preferably also ask two or three other people to check it for you as well. Cover letters with spelling and grammar errors definitely produce a bad first impression and decrease the chances of your consideration.