Verizon Resume Example

Updated on: July 20, 2021

There are ordinary resumes to apply for a job at Verizon and, on the other hand, there are ones that have exceptional quality.

You would obviously choose the latter. But exceptional resumes are hardly easy to write since they possess something extra.

And to put this “something extra” into a resume, it is important that you first figure out the requirements of the position.

There isn’t a lot that you will find over the web that is remotely connected to “good resume writing”.

However, if you know the basics, you will have little or no trouble building a resume that speaks a lot to a hiring manager.

A little like this:

Sample Resume for Jobs at Verizon

Terry Gardener
11 Lordship Lane
Irmo, SC 58911 
(000) 999-1454 
terrrygard @ email . com


• Confident and passionate individual with 10+ years of experience in delivering exceptional customer services by creating a welcoming and exciting retail environment.
• Able to meritoriously introduce customers to the store and direct customer traffic in a manner conducive to easy store exploration.
• Highly skilled in delivering the ultimate customer service experience within a technology retail environment.
• Proven ability to anticipate customers’ needs by engaging them in meaningful conversation and delivering services to meet those needs.
• Able to deliver the ultimate one-on-one coaching experience through demonstration of products and accessories functionality.
• Competent at facilitating wireless workshops to demonstrate and educate customers on a variety of technology solutions.

• Tier-1 Support
• Wireless Products Knowledge
• Sales Documentation
• Lifecycle Performance Management
• Problem Resolution
• Interactive Displays Handling
• Technology Solutions
• Professional Interactions Maintenance
• Order Placement and Tracking
• Product Demonstration
• Store Exploration Promotion


May 2014 – Present
Customer Service Representative
• Greet customers as they arrive at the Verizon outlet and engage them in conversation to determine their technology needs.
• Lead customers or direct them to appropriate sections according to their areas of interest within the store.
• Introduce customers to the store and provide them information on products and product lines.
• Maintain professional interactions with customers, providing them with product demonstrations and advice.
• Assist customers in choosing products of their choice and provide them with information on each feature and pricing.
• Walk customers through the purchasing procedure, facilitating buying, documentation, and payment procedures.
• Accurately document and report sales to the manager and provide customers with warranty and after-sales services information.
Key Achievements
• Increase customer base by 50% at the new Verizon store on Denbeck Road by eliciting exceptional customer services to interested inquirers.
• Introduce an order tracking system that increased the efficiency of order delivery by a staggering 88%.
• Retain a corporate customer by providing him with colossal discounts and deals, in direct competition with his preferred brand.
• Lead 12 group product demonstrations, increasing onlookers’ interest in the company’s products and eventually converting a large number of them into business-providing customers.

INSIDE UP, Belton, SC 
Jan 2012 – May 2014
Customer Service Associate
• Welcomed customers to the store and directed them to their choice of products.
• Ensured that all products such as computers, tablets, and smartphones were properly displayed in their cases or shelves.
• Assisted customers by providing them with product demonstrations and features information.
• Directed customer traffic to promote store exploration and assisted in resolving customers’ issues.

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration