Entry Level Respiratory Therapist Cover Letter Sample

Updated on February 20, 2018

There is just one thing that will keep you from writing a respiratory therapist cover letter the “way it should be written” and that is lack of confidence in yourself.

If you suffer from this problem, you may as well say goodbye to your chances of employment until you can drill it into yourself that writing a bad cover letter is not the end of the world. True, a lot depends on writing a good cover letter, but if you fail, there is always next time.

However, it is best to do it the right way in the first go. What can you possibly do to make sure that you end up writing it the right way?

You think. You ponder on what to write. Think hard. If you were to hire someone, what would you look for in them? Integrity? Yes. Thoroughness? Yes. Organization? Yes. Good communication? Yes. Lack of confidence? Nope! You have your answers.

If you are looking for a person who is thorough, possess great workplace ethics and is organized and a good communicator, this is exactly what you have to be yourself!

Wasn’t’ that easy?

Let us make it even easier for you by providing you with a cover letter sample for an entry level respiratory therapist position:


Entry Level Respiratory Therapist Cover Letter Sample



526 Pine Street South
Harvey, LA 50199

February 20, 2018

Mr. Dean Martin
Human Resource Manager
CommUnity Care
70 Oakmere Road
Harvey, LA 52321


Dear Mr. Martin:

With a recently acquired bachelor’s degree in respiratory therapy, State-approved licensure from NBRC and a 6 month medical internship, I have much talent to offer to CommUnity Care if hired as a Respiratory Therapist.

What follows is a concise outline of my qualifications in respiratory care:

• Demonstrated ability to administer oxygen therapy using appropriate devices and titrate oxygen levels according to the specific needs of each patient.

• Adept at performing aerosol therapy and chest spirometry with a view to achieve optimal therapeutic benefits.

• Qualified to set up and adjust mechanical ventilation settings in regards to clinical conditions.

• Competent at slowly and surely weaning patients off ventilation by manipulating ventilator modes and timelines.

An enthusiastic individual who possesses deep insight into various methods of oxygen delivery, administering respiratory therapy treatments and handling aerosol and humidification procedures aptly, I will be an asset to your facility. I will call your office on Monday to set up a convenient time when we can meet in person. In the interim, you may reach me at (000) 999-1241.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Quentin Fisher

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