Call Centre Customer Service Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: April 23, 2018

Why do interviews make us feel small and insignificant?

This only happens when we are unprepared for them.

If you look through the following set of interview questions and answers for the position of a call center customer service representative position, you won’t feel intimidated by the process:




Call Centre Customer Service Interview Questions and Answers

Why did you choose to work as a call center customer service representative?
After a short summer stint in a call center, I realized that my potential in customer services is quite amazing. This was 3 years ago, and since then, I have worked in a customer service capacity, enjoying my work to the fullest.

What have been some of the duties that you have performed in the role of a call center customer service representative position?
As a customer service representative in a call center capacity, I have been responsible for responding to telephone calls and emails to provide customers with product and service information, and resolving any issues that they may be facing. Apart from this, I have been handling information upgrades, call routing activities, customer follow-up, and call logs management.

What skills do you think one requires when working as a call center customer services representative?
The first thing that one needs to work as a customer services representative in a call center is the ability to communicate properly. Good telephone manner and the capability of providing the right service and product information are also important. In addition to this, working at this position means that you often come across problems such as unhappy customers, which you need to be able to handle properly. Moreover, working at this position requires one to be patient, and possess exceptional troubleshooting abilities.

Speaking of irate customers, have you ever come across a dissatisfied customer? How did you manage the situation?
A customer who had not received his order, despite the company having it dispatched on time, called us and had a go at me, who was unfortunate enough to have received his call. After facing a lot of profanity from him, I managed to calm him down, so that the matter could be investigated. It so happened that the package had been received by his wife, who had forgotten to tell him about it. It was quite a mess.

What is your highest achievement till now?
I am not sure that I can pick out just one. However, I take great pride in the fact that I managed to handle 700 calls in a day, due to an unusually tricky situation at the company, involving order delays.

And what are your plans?
I am hoping to climb the ladder to the position of a call center director soon. Of course, I have to take it one step at a time, which is why I am focusing on learning the ropes at the moment.