Position Overview

Microbiologists are actually biological scientists that work with living organisms to determine how these may affect the environment or affect it themselves. A branch of this profession may also focus on immunology and virology.

In order to get this job, you need to compose a wonderful resume highlighting your key strengths, qualifications and accomplishments.

A microbiologist’s resume should look something like this:


Microbiologist Resume Example


Forsythia Bigg

88 Tranquility Place, Burnside, KY 33222
(009) 120-9009, Email

OBJECTIVE: Seeking a position as a Microbiologist with Kent Diagnostic utilizing extensive experience and skills in laboratory techniques and equipment usage.

• Over 7 years’ experience as a Microbiologist
• Highly skilled in microbiology techniques, terminology and equipment and supplies
• In depth knowledge of laboratory tests used in microbiology work
• Hands on experience in diagnostic problems involved in determining the cause and control of disease
• Proficient in methods and practices of microbiological analysis
• Demonstrated ability to prepare technical reports and research papers

• Derived an antibiotic agent for the cure of German Measles from a micro-organism clinically labeled as “genprom”
• Identified poisonous substances in the cola drink thereby concluding the production and sales of the unsafe product

KIK Labs – Burnside, KY | Sep 2010 – Present
• Perform required microbiological analysis on materials as instructed
• Maintain required cultures
• Test efficacy of preservatives and maintain prudent records
• Conduct site micro awareness trainings
• Maintain accurate log books of all performed procedures
• Develop and perform microbial method validations

Alliance Scientific Solutions – Bedford, OH | May 2007 – Sep 2010
Junior Microbiologist
• Isolated and maintained cultures of bacteria and other microorganisms
• Identified and classified microorganisms found in different specimens
• Monitored the effect of microorganisms on human beings, plants and animals

University of Ohio, Bedford, OH – 2006
Master of Science in Biology
Major: Microbiology
Cumulative GPA 3.7/4.0

• Profound ability to work individually and in a team
• Able to work additional hours if required
• Outstanding physical and mental dexterity
• Excellent grasp of microbiological terminology
• Self directed and organized
• Willingness to learn and follow directions
• Excellent communication skills