School Health Aide Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: April 27, 2022

With so many new diseases coming up, and old ones in revival, it is imperative for schools to hire health aides.

These people are primarily trained to help students suffering from diseases or injuries while on school premises.

Usually, they perform emergency services, but they are also required to handle other health-related issues.

If you are applying for a school health aid position, you must focus on writing a perfect resume.

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Through this, you can convince the hiring manager that you will be a profitable asset to the school where you are applying.

The following resume sample will help you:

School Health Aide Resume Sample

Hannah Thunberg
7 Mass Road
Madison, WI48031
(000) 564-3243


Uniquely qualified health aide with 8+ years of solid track record of working in a medical assistance capacity within an academic environment. Exceptional knowledge of caring for students with health problems or injuries, and ensuring their wellbeing and health. Able to work with students, teachers, and parents for the control and prevention of disease, and for the development of optimal student health. CNA, First Aid and CPR Certified.


  • Emergency Services
  • Communicable Disease Control
  • Medication Administration
  • Student Confidentiality
  • Student Healthcare Needs Assessment
  • Communication
  • Individualized Healthcare Planning
  • Records Maintenance
  • Vital Signs Management
  • Screening and Drug Abuse Reporting

• Saved a student’s life by recognizing early signs of choking, and handling the emergency on-spot.
• Introduced a drug abuse determination mechanism that discouraged on-campus use of illegal drugs.
• Singlehandedly prepared and delivered a series of lectures on health management to students, as part of an awareness program.


School Health Aide
Madison Elementary School, Madison, WI
• Create health plans for 100+ students, and urge them to follow them
• Provide basic healthcare to students, especially during incidents
• Initiate, maintain and update students’ medical and health records
• Maintain and update immunization records
• Check vital signs, and record information according to protocol
• Provide assistance such as First Aid and CPR to students as required
• Administer medication under the supervision of a school nurse
• Document students’ responses post-injury or during illness
• Create and maintain contact with parents in order to provide and obtain information
• Handle emergencies by administering medication, or treating wounds

St. Paul’s High School, Madison, WI
• Assisted injured or unwell students by bringing them to the school health unit
• Bandaged wounds, and administered oral medication
• Checked and recorded vitals such as pulse and temperature
• Performed CPR and First Aid on unwell or injured students

High School Diploma
Madison High School, Madison, WI – 2013

Certified Nursing Assistant
First Aid and CPR Certified

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